Tuesday, January 18

Macron: “We must move from a Europe of cooperation to a sovereign Europe and a great world power”

Correspondent in Paris



Emmanuel Macron presented on Thursday afternoon, at the Elysee, an ambitious paction program of the French Presidency of the European Union (PFUE), during the next semester, starting on January 1, which summarized in this way: «Europe must re-launch itself, affirm its power and sovereignty, affirm its identity in order to move from mere internal cooperation to a new Europe, a world power, fully sovereign and free of his decisions and destiny.

First priority of the French president: “Affirm a more sovereign Europe, capable of controlling and defending its borders.” Project that has two dimensions, police and military.

Police dimension: reform the internal security area, the Schengen Area, to better control the borders of the European Union (EU) against mass migrations, “hybrid wars”.

“Protecting our borders is an indispensable condition to ensure the security of Europeans and against the migration challenge to avoid the dramas we have experienced.”

Military priority: Having secured internal borders, Macron proposes “to advance our common defense policy”, “we Europeans must affirm the defense of our common interests, in the face of threats and risks that threaten us.”

Stability and prosperity

The third axis of sovereign Europe defended by the French president is to try to ensure the stability and prosperity of our neighbors, with priority strategic interests for the African continent and the Western Balkans. Macron proposes to establish new social, economic, industrial, military relations (fight against terrorism) with the African continent.

To try to support the relaunch of Europe, the presidency will propose next March a Europe summit devoted to economic growth and “new solidarity”, focused on these issues of common work: launching a European investment plan, reform of the fiscal and budgetary rules that govern the euro zone. These are two objectives that, until now, have confronted Northern Europe (where austerity and budgetary rigor have been advocated) and Southern Europe, which continues to aspire to more “flexibility” in the application of budgetary rigor …

To try to relaunch Europe, Emmanuel Macron’s France will propose great initiatives, of this type: turning Europe into a great numerical and ecological power, with “strict ceilings” on pollution and the environment, “creating a European minimum wage, a cent”, “putting job creation at the heart of our common action ».

Beyond those institutional, diplomatic, economic, military and social ambitions and projects, Macron says he aspires to the construction of a Europe “More human, more attractive”, announcing university and educational initiatives, destined to create a «common history of the peoples and the great European culture and civilization».

Macron ended his presentation of the French Presidency of the European Union projects, making a defense of some basic principles, which today oppose some countries, such as Hungary and Poland, with the majority of the EU members: “When there are political forces that threaten the matrix of values ​​and rights of our Europe, we must reaffirm the principles of European humanism, the humanist vocation of our Europe, our civilization.”

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