Saturday, November 27

Macron will present today his government project against “Islamist separatism”

Correspondent in Paris



Emmanuel Macron presents his strategy and government project this Friday to combat Islamist “separatism”, which is a friendly way to speak, fight judicially and with the police against political Islam and “radical” Islam, academic formulas to analyze the rise of a fearsome French Islamism.

Accompanied by his ministers of the Interior (Gérald Darmanin), Justice (Éric Dupong-Moretti) and Education (Jean-Michel BlanQUE) Macron has traveled to an emblematic city of the «banlieue», the suburbs of Paris, Mureaux (Yvelines), to present the “main lines” of a bill that should be drawn up by the end of the year, to be discussed during the first semester in the National Assembly (AN).

Macron began to denounce “separatism” (cultural and religious) a year ago. Promised a bill last summer. And the different ministries of his government have spent several months breaking down a string of legal issues of relative complexity.

The project presented by the President of the Republic proposes to “regulate” this type of “activities”:

-Prohibit places of worship in companies, stations and airports.

– “Tighter” control of “cultural” associations turned into centers of religious indoctrination.

-Protection of children “indoctrinated” by “teachers” and / or preachers who violate the most elementary rules of public school.

-Prohibition and punishment of virginity certificates, offered by an unknown number of doctors of unknown professional ethics.

-Fight against polygamy.

-Control and penalize religious “agents” who impose their “criteria” on public transport in terms of man / woman relations and dress code.

These and other measures are at the heart of a complex and unprecedented legislative project in France, which will have two dimensions, “defensive” and “offensive”.

In the “defensive” field, the macronian project aspires to impose the very principles of the national matrix “freedom”, “equality” and “fraternity” / “emancipation”.

In the “offensive” field, the draft Law being drafted must propose a battery of judicial and police resources, of the most “urgent application”.

Awaited, for months, the fight project against religious secessionism, cultural, is received with prudence and caution.

Candidate for the presidency of the Republic, in 2017, Macron only denounced “communitarianism”, without going into “details”. Two years later, he began to report “cultural secessionism”. To end up accepting the underlying multicultural crisis: in French Islam, the religion of 5 or 6 million French of Muslim confession, an organizations (controlled by countries such as Morocco and Algeria) coexist badly with and accept French institutions, and some organizations that have been living for years in the institutional “periphery” of France, considering that their religion (fundamentalist, political, jihadist Islam, often) “is above” and is “more important” than the institutions of the State.

There is a “civil war” larvada and inconfesable between French Muslims of different obedience. And, at the same time, radical Islam has become a national cancer that Macron believes he is fighting by denouncing “religious separatism.”

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