Sunday, December 10

Mad Cool loses its headliner, Rage Against the Machine, from its double date in Malaga and Madrid

Mad Cool Sunset (September 10) and Andalucía Big Festival (September 8-10) have lost their headliner, the American group Rage Against The Machine, who have canceled their European tour due to “medical advice”. Both festivals are organized by Mad Cool, which held its macrofestival last July in Madrid and is now repeating this double date.

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According to the statement released by the group, Zack de la Rocha needs “rest and rehabilitation”, so they will perform three concerts on August 11, 12 and 13 at Madison Square Garden in New York and then resume the tour in February 2023 , but they will not travel to Europe for the 13 performances planned between August and September. Neither the group nor the festivals have provided more information about the medical causes that have led the band to cancel their concerts. On July 12, the 52-year-old vocalist hurt his leg during a performance in Chicago, just three days after the start of the tour.

A new setback for the audience of the Andalucía Big Festival by Mad Cool, an event that had been announced to take place on Malaga’s Sacaba beach without having the necessary permits, so it had to be transferred to the Malaga Fairgrounds. This festival has a strong public subsidy, 4.2 million euros, of which 80% come from FERER funds, as announced by the Andalusian Government. However, as revealed by this newspaper, the Board has assigned European funds for the “internationalization of Andalusian companies” to a promoter from Madrid.

In addition, after the event in Madrid in July, Mad Cool has been denounced by consumer organizations for charging attendees the return of the money left over from the bracelets to pay for drinks.

Mad Cool Sunset and Andalucía Big Festival share some groups on the bill, which lowers production costs. Biffy Clyro, Glass Animals or Sterephonics are other groups at the event in Madrid, whose only headliner was Rage Against the Machine. The Malaga event, on the other hand, has other powerful names such as Muse (which already played in July in the capital) or Jamiroquai, in addition to those mentioned that also play in Madrid and many more, since it is a three-day festival .

The organization has announced that it is working on hiring another group and that, when they have announced it, it will open the ticket return process for all those who request it, at either of the two festivals.

The eventful return of the Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello group, after almost a decade away from the stage, had to be postponed due to the pandemic. “Flights, travel time and strict tour schedules in the UK and Europe are too much of a risk for a full recovery,” the group said.