Monday, December 4

Madrid 010 workers start an indefinite strike before the threat of 100 layoffs

Workers from the 010 Madrid Line staff have begun an indefinite strike this Tuesday until the “legal limbo” in which they will remain next week is resolved, when the outgoing company Serveo leaves the service and assumes the NTT Data contract. The committee calculates a follow-up of 80% among the 460 people who make up the staff.

“We are going to be left in a legal limbo within a week, where we will supposedly be subrogated but nobody will take care of the workers. There will be no right to seniority or right to negotiation for dismissal”, lamented the secretary of the works council, Daniel Martínez, to the media.

Almost fifty workers have approached the Palacio de Cibeles on Tuesday to show their “dissatisfaction” with the role of the Consistory, demanding that it act as a mediator in the conflict with companies that “do not respect the rights” of employees who provide a service of the City Council itself and ask for “more political will”.

Martínez has stressed that the workforce is experiencing “a very serious situation” and has insisted on an agreement between the companies so that “the rights of workers and jobs are respected.” In line, he has indicated that the new subcontractor wants 100 workers less than the current workforce, which is about 460 people.

“We are unhappy with the role of the Consistory. Since May we have been going on strike, but they say they are mediating and trying. We have asked for a table with the three parties – companies, workers and the City Council – to reach a solution for everyone. We want them to show more political will”, the secretary pointed out.

Along the same lines, from the strike committee they denounce that the Línea Madrid service is already “undersized, since a person who dials 010 or social networks will be able to verify any day that it is difficult for them to be attended to.” “Calls are being rejected and it is very difficult to contact 010. In addition, this indefinite strike coincides with the processing of the Real Estate Tax (IBI), the star tax and the one that generates the most volume of calls throughout the year,” he said. indicated the CCOO delegate.

The delegate for Territorial Coordination, Transparency, Participation and Attention, Silvia Saavedra, has affirmed that both she and the deputy mayor Begoña Villacís have met with the workers and have assessed that there is “a conflict because in the collective agreement there is no subrogation and there is no there is an understanding between both companies”. “We are on top of the meetings they hold and we will defend employment stability and good service provision,” she said.

Municipal sources have detailed to Europa Press that the Consistory tendered a new contract for the provision of services to citizens to support the management of the Madrid Line citizen service channels, for four years of execution and another possible extension. “The problem occurs between the two companies and their management of their human resources. The City Council cannot influence the organization of the human resources of the companies since it only contracts the provision of services”, they have underlined.

In this sense, the mechanisms for transferring personnel from one company to another are defined in the Call Center collective agreement that regulates this sector, where said agreement does not include subrogation. “We do not have the power to intervene and we cannot act in the contracting formulas of private companies,” they have reiterated.