Wednesday, August 4

Madrid approves to remember Raffaela Carrá with a square next to Fuencarral street

The plenary session of the Board of the Center has approved this afternoon to remember the singer and presenter Raffaella Carrá by putting his name to a square in the center of Madrid. The initiative has gone ahead thanks to the votes of PSOE, Ciudadanos, PP and Más Madrid, who have decided to grant this distinction to the Italian, recently deceased and who had a close relationship with Spain and Madrid.

Raffaella Carrà, the successful artist who defended labor rights and sang about female masturbation

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The proposal was presented by Más Madrid “to make visible and value the memory of this woman, singer, composer, presenter, dancer, choreographer and an icon of reference for all Madrilenians and Madrilenians, especially for the LGTBI + collective,” he explained in the text of the initiative taken to the district plenary session. The group highlights the work of a singer very committed to some causes of the left, such as labor rights or feminism.

The space chosen for the memory of the Carrá is located in Malasaña, on the way to Chueca, at the intersection of Fuencarral and Augusto Figueroa streets. It forms a square full of hospitality terraces, which some know as olive square, for the specimen of this species that is in its center. It is located next to the old Fuencarral Market, which now occupies a large area of ​​sports products.

In the same Fuencarral street, years before, the Madrid City Council decided to honor the musician Antonio Vega in another square with his name, at the crossroads with Divino Pastor street. Now the Malasaña neighborhood has another place dedicated to a song diva.

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