Wednesday, October 20

Madrid City Council will privatize the management of eight profitable municipal car parks

Goodbye to profitable parking arrangements for the Municipal Transport Company (EMT). The model that the Madrid City Council implemented during Manuela Carmena’s time as mayor, that of recovering management as the terms of its assignment were running out, will end in the coming months, when the Mobility area begins to grant the exploitation of these municipal infrastructures to private companies. It will do so initially in the Plaza del Carmen, giving up a profit of 18 million euros, and will continue in another seven underground spaces already built, whose concessions will end shortly.

Almeida renounces a profit of 18 million by privatizing the municipal parking lot next to Gran Vía

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The announcement was made by the delegate of the area, Borja Carabante, in the plenary session of the Madrid City Council, when he intervened in a proposal from the PSOE that asked just the opposite: to follow the management model through the EMT, which in the past The legislature improved its income statement thanks to the incorporation of busy car parks such as Plaza de España.

The list of municipal car parks that will be managed again by private companies at the end of their assignment is as follows: Carmen, Santo Domingo, Luna-Tudescos, Santa Ana, Cortes and the three car parks on Velázquez street. At the moment, the term during which the exploitation will be granted is unknown, except in the case of the underground of the Plaza del Carmen, which will be 30 years.

The Socialists criticized that the City Council manages through the EMT the newly created car parks that produce losses, such as the one in Pitis, and is preparing to privatize the most profitable ones by transfer, such as the one in Plaza del Carmen. “It has always been said that the EMT is the jewel in the crown of this City Council, we are not going to let them sell the emeralds by pieces,” Ignacio Benito, the PSOE councilor who authored the proposal, warned him.

“It seems that when the left governs, only NGOs worked,” Carabante mockingly responded, accusing the parties of the left of “demonizing any private initiative” and defended the external management of public services because “it is the best option for the citizens”. “We are more of a public-private collaboration because we consider it to be the best instrument to promote economic growth and job creation,” he added.

“Why don’t you want that benefit not to reach the municipal coffers and to be taken by the concessionaire?” He was answered by the mayor of the Mixed Group, José Manuel Calvo, who recalled that thanks to the remunicipalisation of the Plaza España parking lot, the EMT received one million euros per year instead of the 20,000 that the concessionaire company paid by canon. Meanwhile, the councilor of Más Madrid Esther Gómez reminded Carabante that as president of the EMT “he should be ensuring that the company had more income, the best thing for citizens is that all public parking lots are managed by her,” he said.

Benito (PSOE) asked at the end of his speech that Carabante present “immediately his resignation as president of the EMT, because he will be going against the interests of the company and breaching its own statutes.” He also warned him: “We know what he did with Metro de Madrid and we are not going to allow him to do the same with the Transport Company. He intends to renounce millionaire income for no reason.” Or is it to justify a future privatization of the company? ” he asked himself”. There are embezzlements in the future and you are about to commit one here today, “he added before the votes of PP, Citizens and Vox overthrew his initiative.

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