Wednesday, October 5

Madrid family doctors denounce “mistreatment” and ask for Ayuso’s resignation

Dozens of family doctors from Madrid have gathered this Saturday at the doors of the Presidency of the Community to denounce what they consider to be “medical abuse”. A mistreatment related, they say, with their working conditions, the lack of resources, the non-renewal of the workforce and the care burden, which affects the right of citizens to quality primary care.

The general secretary of the AMYTS medical union, Julián Ezquerdo, has lamented the “systematic abandonment of primary care throughout Spain, but especially in Madrid”. “This type of acts of professional vindication by professionals and for patients, for their benefit and quality of care, is what we have to continue doing,” he stated.

At the Puerta del Sol, where dozens of white coats have been seen, the claim was unanimous: “Madrid runs out of doctors.” A situation that causes poor working conditions. One of the attendees, Cristina Ciria raises a banner that warns that “vocation cannot be the eternal solution.”

She is a doctor alert of a saturation in public health centers, where professionals must attend to their patients in about three minutes, with agendas sometimes duplicated to which patients who arrive without an appointment are added because the wait to obtain one exceeds the 10 days. “Having two or three minutes per patient is not compatible with doing things well. They are not decent conditions, neither for them nor for us ”, he denounces.

“Each doctor takes care of the work of three. That is not possible ”, agrees Dr. Ana Ceballos. She admits that she got excited during the rally. “We really like primary school, but I think they are secretly trying to privatize it. They don’t invest anything in us and let everything deteriorate ”, he denounces. “Without the health system the health system falls and public health is the greatest treasure we have in Spain,” he says.

Because as the assistants with whom he has spoken explain, Primary care without resources affects all patients but, mainly, those with chronic diseases, which can lead to other health problems, and overload the hospitals. Furthermore, working conditions scare away young professionals. “They go to other countries where they are treated better or to other communities,” says Ceballos.

Among the banners against “medical abuse” or for quality primary care, others have been seen with the slogan “Ayuso Abuso”. At various times, the attendees have chanted shouts of “Ayuso resignation.”

From the small stage through which several professionals have passed has recounted their experiences, the pediatrician Dora Bejarano has warned that “Madrid children are not going to have pediatricians.” “There are fewer and fewer, because the places are not filled and there is a great care burden,” agrees this doctor.