Thursday, December 8

Madrid mayors of the PP show their “concern” to the Government of Ayuso for cuts in emergencies

A group of mayors, including several from the Popular Party, have written this week a letter addressed to the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in which they demand an urgent meeting with the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, given the “great concern for the most that probable loss of health services” in their municipalities. A concern originated on account of the restructuring of the out-of-hospital emergencies of the regional Executive, which has also led to the calling of a strike by Primary Care doctors and Summa 112 who work in the Rural Care Services (SAR) that serve these areas .

Indefinite strike of toilets due to cuts in the reopening plan of the Primary Care emergencies in Madrid

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Among the municipalities of the PP that request this “meeting as soon as possible” are those of Miraflores de la Sierra, Bustarviejo and Navalafuente. In their letter, signed together with the mayors of Guadalix de la Sierra, Boalo, Cerceda and Mataelpino, Manzanares and Soto del Real, they ask to “receive detailed information” and convey “in person” their “concern about the consequences that this Plan [de reestructuración] may have on the health care” of their “neighbors and neighbors”.

In total, more than 40,800 people are registered in these municipalities, who may see their health care in danger. In fact, the request comes after a meeting between the mayors of these towns in the northern mountains of Madrid and health workers, who have classified the situation as “serious”. “It’s scary as a citizen, as a patient and as a medical professional of the SAR,” said the delegate of Amyts, Ángel Bayo, at that meeting.

“Both the Soto del Real and Manzanares el Real SARs work 365 days a year, being covered every night and weekend with enough staff to provide decent care, despite not covering absences. They have always been open with face-to-face service, even in times as delicate as the pandemic or filomena”, indicates the letter sent to Ruiz Escudero. In it, the mayors add that “in addition to attending the emergency services of the municipalities attached to them, they had to assume, without any type of personnel reinforcement, the emergencies of towns such as Tres Cantos and Colmenar Viejo (approximately 100,000 more inhabitants between both), since their centers were closed in 2020 and currently continue to do so.

The discomfort of these councilors is added to that of the neighbors who have spent months demanding the reopening of the Primary Care Emergency Services (SUAP), closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic, and that of the workers, called for an indefinite strike to starting next October 25, due to the restructuring of out-of-hospital emergencies.

In the record of the call, the unions allege that “just over 500 AP professionals who cover 40 SAR devices and about 146 SUAP device professionals, must attend 78 Continuous Care Points (PAC)”. This means, they denounce, “doubling the number of work days” and performing “the ordinary day in an afternoon shift, something that most professionals avoided when choosing their position.”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso accused this Wednesday of the strike the “political union that is in the pay of a political party and that never wants to put their shoulders to the wheel and wants things to go wrong for us.” What the president has not specified is which is that union of the five present at the Sectorial Table, which have jointly called the strike. Amyts, CCOO, UGT, Satse and CSIF have lamented the little, if not null, margin for negotiation that the Ministry gives them. “We agree that this negotiation is a failure from the beginning due to political pressure outside the Table and due to the obligation of wanting to close such an important issue in a short space of time. For this reason, we do not consider that the negotiation has been initiated at any time, ”he stated last Thursday in a statement.

A few hours later, Vice President Enrique Ossorio lowered the tone with respect to his boss and assured that the Government’s position was “outstretched” towards the unions. “We have the greatest interest, as is well known, in opening the 78 out-of-hospital emergency points as soon as possible,” he stated at the press conference after the Governing Council.

This Monday, the leader of the PSOE, Juan Lobato, denounced that it was “absolutely impossible to cover 80 health centers with 40 staff.” During his visit to Morata de Tajuña, the socialist warned that there are “mayors of the PP who are signing letters together with socialist mayors to demand that the Community of Madrid rectify again” and reopen the emergency room with the same means as before the pandemic. . The PSOE councilors who have also requested a meeting with the Minister of Health are those of El Boalo -Cerceda and Mataelpino, Manzanares el Real, Soto del Real and Guadalix de la Sierra.