Thursday, July 7

Madrid prepares for the lack of doctors in health centers and establishes that nurses supply them

The Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid has recognized that there is a lack of doctors in the health centers of the region and has established that in order to fill this lack, the attention of “other professionals”, such as nurses, can be counted on. This is how it appears in the ‘Procedure for action in the absence of a family doctor in a health center’ that the regional administration has sent to outpatient clinics, according to advanced the SER.

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In the text they assure that this lack of doctors requires the “care possibilities of other professionals” in addition to “reorganizing care flows” in order to maintain the continuity of health centers. Regarding the nurses, they assure that “they are trained for the clinical-care leadership of the health centers”, but they recognize that there are “exclusive competences” -especially due to legislative limitations- that make other “team roles” “needed”. That is why they raise the need to “articulate bypass circuits”.

In addition, the guide states that in the event that there are no family doctors, the care management will be notified and the nurse in question will respond to the situation, adapting it “to its seriousness”.

It contemplates several scenarios: the first of them is for “delayed processes” for which it is proposed that the appointment be delayed in the same center. In the event that it cannot be postponed, they suggest that the nurses be the ones to do the “assessment of the patient” and that if it cannot be resolved by them, the patient will be “referred to a nearby device” that can. have a doctor. “In this case, the patient will be referred to the nearest health center, or to that center that has been determined by the Healthcare Directorate as a reference center,” they stipulate.

Finally, in cases of urgencies or emergencies, the “user care unit” will request “urgent assistance” from the Summa, will communicate with the “nearest assigned center” to request the presence of a doctor and the nurse will initiate “the corresponding actions to solve the problem” according to “their powers and/or established protocols, until the emergency services arrive.”

“The Assistance Directorate may reorder the staff so that the nursing staff is reinforced if necessary”, concludes the ‘Procedure for action in the absence of a family doctor in a health center’ of the Community of Madrid.