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Madrid provided 5,000 vaccines to Galicia at the beginning of June

The Community of Madrid provided 5,000 Moderna vaccines to the Xunta de Galicia at the beginning of June. This is how he publishes it this Monday the Chain Ser, after a request for information after its general director of Public Health, Elena Andradas, hinted at it at the end of that month at a press conference. According to this publication, Madrid did so “because it was –Galicia– in a critical situation regarding this vaccine,” according to the response of the regional administration to the request for information.

The Xunta proposes to the Government to redistribute surplus vaccines from communities such as Madrid among the rest of the territories

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On June 25, at the regular press conference on Fridays to report on the situation of the pandemic in the region, Andradas hinted that Madrid had provided vaccines to other regions and assured that the government chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso had been “more prudent”. “In no case have we had to borrow vaccines, as has happened in some other regions,” Andradas said at the end of June. And he added: “We have been providers at one point, at times,” Andradas corrected on the spot, “of vaccines.” The thing stayed there because they did not want to give more details.

Aid to other communities existed, specifically, to the region governed by Alberto Núñez Feijóo at the beginning of June. But a very limited scope: a single shipment was made –on June 2– to Galicia. 500 vials of Moderna which makes a total of 5,000 vaccines since each vial represents 10 doses. Madrid has always defended that in their case they have been “farsighted”.

The doses were returned to Madrid in just six days. On June 8, Galicia returned the same amount of vaccines to the administration that governs Ayuso.

In July, the executive of Núñez Feijóo publicly raised the vaccines the possibility of undertaking a redistribution that benefits the most effective communities in the distribution of the drug, compared to those that have vaccines in stock and do not administer them, as was the case in Madrid that it had stored more than a million vaccines.

The Galician vice president, Alfonso Rueda, made a call in mid-July for the central government to manage a possible rearrangement of the stocks: “The only responsibility that the central government has in this regard is to guarantee the supply of vaccines to the autonomous communities. Therefore, whoever has this supply capacity, let him make the best distribution. ”

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