Tuesday, July 5

Madrid will inaugurate the Raffaella Carrá square during the Pride festivities

The Madrid City Council will remember the singer Raffaela Carrá on July 6, during the Pride 2022 festivities. It will do so by inaugurating the square that will bear her name, as approved by the municipal political groups in the Central Board almost a year ago . It will be in an act with the most representative entities of the group, informed the district councilor, José Fernández.

The space chosen for the memory of Carrá, who died in 2021, is located in Malasaña, on the way to Chueca, at the intersection of Fuencarral and Augusto Figueroa streets. It forms a square full of hotel terraces, which some know as olive tree square, by the specimen of this species found in its center. It is located next to the old Fuencarral Market, which now occupies a large area of ​​sports products.

In the same Fuencarral street, years before, the Madrid City Council decided to pay homage to the musician Antonio Vega in another square with his name, at the intersection with Divino Pastor street. From July 6, the Malasaña neighborhood will have another place dedicated to a diva of song.


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