Wednesday, September 28

Madrid will stop performing PCR on those who test positive for pharmacy antigens

The Community of Madrid will consider the antigen tests of the pharmacies as valid tests for the detection of the COVID-19 and will not perform a PCR in public health. Tests will only be carried out in the case of fever and respiratory problems if previously determined by the health center sanitary. Madrid has notified 11,221 positives this Tuesday, the highest registered figure since the pandemic began.

The Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid has established a new procedure for the population that performs a self-diagnosis test and obtains a positive result in COVID-19, something that in the region has exploded in recent hours and keeps the health centers.

What do I do if I test positive?

According to this new protocol, in the event of a positive test result, the person must communicate it to the free telephone number 900 102 112 so that they collect their data and inform them of the measures to be taken. It will be the Ministry of Health that will consider this true positive result and self-isolation will be recommended for 10 days. Therefore, “avoid receiving visits and take the usual prevention measures”.

What if I have a fever and respiratory problems?

In case of presenting a fever of more than 38º degrees and / or respiratory difficulty, the Ministry of Health establishes that you can now contact your health center “where you can be instructed to carry out a diagnostic test for active infection (PDIA) to confirm the diagnosis. ” “If it is an emergency, you should contact 112,” adds the protocol.

What if I can’t isolate myself because my job prevents it? How will the withdrawal be managed?

This option is not contemplated as such in the protocol, but has asked about this possibility: positive for antigens that cannot be self-isolating because work prevents it. If there is a positive result of an antigen test, by calling the free telephone number 900 102 112, the details of the need for sick leave will be taken and it is agreed that this need will be passed on to the health center. The doctor will assess whether to withdraw directly or request a confirmation PCR.

What if I am in close contact with a positive?

Despite what was defended this morning by the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the Ministry of Health establishes that the close contacts of people who obtain a positive result with the self-diagnosis test, if they are vaccinated with a complete schedule, should “take extreme measures of prevention “and” reduce exits to essentials. ” In addition, it also recommends “if feasible” teleworking during the 7-10 days after exposure.

In case of going to work, the Ministry establishes that preventive measures must be observed with continuous and correct use of the mask, “preferably surgical and regardless of the distance”, and that meetings for breakfast and lunch must be avoided. It also recommends “limiting social interactions to the essentials and avoiding going to crowded places and mass events.”

In the latest update of its strategy against COVID, the Ministry of Health established that people who have been close contacts of those infected by omicron, or suspected of being, carry out a ten-day quarantine, even if they are vaccinated with the full schedule. This recommendation from the Ministry, a kind of roadmap for the communities, also extends to contacts of other variants of concern, such as beta or gamma, or immunosuppressed people.

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What if I am not vaccinated?

If close contacts are not vaccinated, they should contact their health center where they will indicate the need to maintain quarantine and carry out a PDIA according to the Strategy for Early Detection, Surveillance and Control of COVID-19 of the Community of Madrid.

Finally, whether or not you are vaccinated, it is recommended that close contacts of positive cases “take extreme measures of prevention by avoiding contact with vulnerable people, monitoring the appearance of symptoms, and if these occur, contact a health center for clinical assessment, risk assessment and PDIA, if applicable.