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Maduro announces Mexico as the venue for dialogue with the opposition, but rejects Guaidó’s participation

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The de facto president, Nicolas Maduro announced Mexico as the venue for the dialogue with the opposition in which it does not want its adversary, the interim president, to participate, Juan Guaidó, but the members of the “little table”, after the arrest of the deputy Freddy guevara, representative of the opposition coalition.

“I don’t meet extremists who want to kill me”

Maduro rejected the possibility of meeting with representatives of Juan Guaidó in Mexico. “I don’t meet extremists who want to kill me.” In his meeting with the “little table” he described Guaidó as an “imbecile.”

And it is that the members of the «little table», to which Maduro made reference, are a dozen of former deputies of the opposition, called the “scorpions” who collaborate with the regime and who benefit from the identity of the main political organizations in the country.

Maduro also proclaims dialogue and peace with members of the “table” with whom he met to promote the “special commission for dialogue, peace and reconciliation of the AN” after the arbitrary arrest of Guevara.

In his meeting with the “scorpions”, Maduro again demanded conditions to attend the dialogue in Mexico: the end of the US and EU sanctions, the full recognition of their government and the end of the “conspiratorial plans” by a sector of the “extremist right”.

Last week Guaidó had expressed his willingness to meet with Maduro to initiate a dialogue in the face of the search for a solution to the humanitarian crisis that the country that is going through is living through establishing the conditions for fair and democratic presidential elections.

Kidnapping of Freddy Guevara

SEBIN political police officers Guevara was kidnapped this Monday, national coordinator of the National Will party, and spokesperson for the coalition of parties that make up the legitimate parliament around Guaidó, after a violent persecution in broad daylight on Caracas’ Francisco Fajardo highway.

The regime’s persecution also included Guaidó and his family, whose residence was raided by the fearsome FAES (Special Action Forces) in the southeast of Caracas, with attempts to attack the presidential couple with shots at the driver of the interim president in the basement of his residence.

“Harassment is not going to stop us. We stand firm »

Juan Guaidó said last night that “the harassment is not going to stop us. We are firm and we are going to move forward, an agreement does not have to do with Nicolás Maduro, but with leaving the dictatorship.

The US Ambassador to Caracas acting from Bogotá, James Story He pointed out through the networks that the arrest of Freddy Guevara and the actions against Interim President Juan Guaidó are incompatible with the minimum conditions for a dialogue to resolve the Venezuelan crisis. “The those detained for political reasons must be released. Actions speak louder than words.

Maduro has also met with the technical commission that sent the European Union to check if there are conditions to hold the regional elections in November. The Chavista president described the electoral delegation of the EU as “ignorant” for his warning about the “Law of Communal Cities.” He indicated that they have a “colonialist” mentality.

Maduro’s announcement to convene a dialogue tailored to his needs in Mexico already smells of failure. It was regarded as a early kick to the dialogue table without having previously sat down. Guevara’s kidnapping was also singled out as a sign that the regime is unwilling to give up anything but impose its conditions, according to observers.

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