Monday, September 20

Maduro blames US and EU sanctions for crimes against humanity in Venezuela

Correspondent in Caracas



The regime of Nicolas Maduro has denounced before the International Criminal Court (ICC) that the sanctions imposed by the United States against him constitute crimes against humanity.

The vice president Delcy Rodríguez has reportedof the presentation of a report before the international court where alleged evidence is presented on the impact caused by the sanctions.

“Yesterday (Monday), Venezuela delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court a report containing evidence on the damage caused by unilateral coercive measures” from the United States through sanctions “against the Venezuelan people,” said Vice President Delcy Rodríguez at a press conference.

In its report called ‘Case of Venezuela II’ it is detailed that “there are reasonable grounds to believe that crimes of murder, persecution, extermination and other inhuman acts have been committed against the Venezuelan civilian population,” says Rodríguez.

Likewise, he has also mentioned that the sanctions have provoked «from the blocking of funds to acquire vaccines to give a boost to its massive vaccination plan against Covid-19, as well as the acquisition of spare parts and other supplies that have affected essential services such as operation of aqueducts and power plants ».

The regime has attributed sanctions, especially oil companies for a year and a half, such as the responsible for all evils that the country suffers, when the national production has been in decline before applying these measures.

However, as ABC advanced, the report of the former TPI prosecutor Fatou Bensouda For his successor, Karim Khan, he attributes to the regime itself, specifically to “civil authorities, members of the armed forces in pro-government individuals”, the commission of crimes against humanity “at least since April 2017”.

This is reflected in Bensouda’s conclusions after the ‘preliminary examination’ that he launched in February 2018 in light of the complaints received about abuses by Chavista security forces in street protests and in prisons.

The new prosecutor must now determine whether to proceed to the next phase in the process, that of opening a formal investigation.

Evasion of sanctions

Maduro has evaded sanctions through multiple devices in complicity with his allies from Iran, Russia, China and Turkey that facilitate foreign trade at prices much higher than those of the international market.

It has also circumvented the limitation imposed by the sanctions with exchanges and bartering of oil for food. The regime has also not complied with the payment lapses in the anticovid vaccines through the Covax system, which has delayed the shipment of vaccines, leaving the population unprotected with immunization, according to reports from the legitimate National Assembly that presides Juan Guaidó.

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