Monday, January 17

Maduro claims to have had a “secret meeting” with a CIA official




Nicolas Maduro He said this Thursday night that he had a secret meeting with an official from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, for its acronym in English). During a televised address, the Chavista president did not provide further details on his revelation, however, he said that “they themselves got the news.”

Maduro has explained that every week he meets with up to three delegations from the world «And even the CIA comes to see me. These days someone from the CIA came, but I’m not going to tell what I talked to him about ».

«They got the news themselves. They don’t have a word, they say we’re going to have a secret meeting and they get the news“He said during the closing of the 2021 Venezuela Tourism Fair held in the coastal state of La Guaira, near Caracas.

The Chavista president has assured that it has been James Story, the United States ambassador to Venezuela who released the news. “He was not directing the commission that arrived in Venezuela. So, James Story, who lives in Bogotá (Colombia), for revenge took the photos of the plane and got all the news. He’s a mean guy. He is a bad guy who hates Venezuela, “he said.

The Twitter account of Conflict News Worldwide CNW (Noticias de Conflictos en el Mundo) published on December 7 that it was “about to land in Caracas” on flight N173PA (Ebola Jet) of the airline Phoenix Air, from Puerto Rico.

According to the tweet, the airline “is linked to the CIA and other agencies of the US Government.

That plane had already been in Caracas in 2019 to support the team of the United States Embassy in Venezuela during your evacuation, assured the user of the account in the social network.

From Colombia, Story serves as charge d’affaires for the United States Foreign Office for Venezuela after the relations between his country and the oil nation since Maduro expelled the North American delegation after the disavowal of the Chavista government during the administration of former President Donald Trump.

In September, the American diplomat had assured that the United States would be willing to lift your financial sanctions against the Maduro government when it notices “changes” in democratic matters, this in relation to the dialogues that Chavismo and the leader’s opposition maintained Juan GuaidóBut the talks ended in October and were unsuccessful.

“Sanctions can be lifted only after conditions have been established for free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections. We have been constant in our politicsStory said that time.

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