Thursday, May 19

Maduro reactivates the opposition card of the MUD to stimulate its participation in the regionals

Correspondent in Caracas



Nicolás Maduro has begun to dismantle political restrictions such as the reactivation of the extinct unit card of the MUD and the elimination of the Chavista “protectorates” in the opposition governorates as a stimulus for the opposition to participate in the regional elections in November.

Maduro’s gestures have not convinced the interim president Juan Guaidó, who this Wednesday gave a press conference in which he clarified that the offers are partial and insufficient and are not “concessions or gifts” but rather a recognition of the political hostility that the regime has imposed against the opposition.

Guaidó demanded “minimum conditions and guarantees for all through the National Salvation Agreement that ties up and compromises all the conditions achieved. Otherwise, we would be repeating that the dictatorship mocks as it has done since 2015, when the opposition won with that MUD card the absolute majority of the National Assembly ».

The reactivation of the card of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) was announced this Tuesday by the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Pedro Calzadilla, as an attempt to encourage opponents to register as candidates to participate in the November regionals, as their main political organizations have been disabled and kidnapped by the so-called “scorpions.”

«Nothing guarantees us that he will repeat what he did since 2015»

A few days earlier, Maduro announced that he will eliminate the figure of Chavista “protectorates” (parallel governments) that he has imposed on the five governorates where opponents won 5 years ago. But this measure will become effective after the elections on next November 21, for which Guaidó has demanded that the “protectorates” cease immediately for being unconstitutional and going against the will of the people.

None of the gestures that Maduro has launched has convinced the Venezuelan opposition. «The skepticism we have about their offers are natural. Nothing guarantees us that he will repeat what he did since 2015 (7 examples of deceptions) when the opposition won the parliament and that the regime has wanted to dissolve. Just a comprehensive national salvation agreement negotiated can give us confidence ».

To the repeated question of whether or not he will participate with the recovered MUD unitary card, he said that the political parties that make up the coalition “will evaluate and make the decision.” Guaidó also expressed that he is willing to meet with Maduro to initiate dialogue and look for a solution to the crisis.

Unity card recovery

Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, former executive secretary of the MUD, described the recovery of the unit card as a sign of optimism. “That is a hand extended to unite and a sign of optimism, never a fist to hit anyone,” he said.

The MUD card is the card that has received the most votes in the history of Venezuela, with more de 7 million 700 thousand votes in the 2015 legislative elections, even much more so than the late Chávez when he was in his prime of popularity.

“We will continue to press with sanctions”

With it, the opposition won the qualified majority of 112 deputies of the National Assembly, but was disqualified by the Chavista regime in 2016, arguing alleged irregularities in the collection of signatures to activate the recall referendum against Nicolás Maduro.

Guaidó listed seven cases as an example of the deceptions that the regime has committed against the opposition and its organizations to sweep it away politically. “We will continue to press with sanctions,” he said.

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