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Maduro releases another political prisoner while asking to lift sanctions against Chavismo

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After six months of arbitrary imprisonment at the headquarters of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), the opposition deputy Gilberto Sojo He was released this Friday night due to health problems, according to activists from Voluntad Popular (VP), the party founded by Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó.

Sojo is the third political prisoner released in recent weeks as a result of the negotiations that the Venezuelan opposition has entered into with the regime of Nicolas Maduro in Mexico since August 13, the second round of which began this Friday and will last until September 6.

The previous two were Freddy guevara, VP national coordinator, and Gilber Caro, who went into exile this week in an unknown country.

Sojo’s release took place a few hours after representatives of Maduro and the opposition opened this Friday in Mexico City the second round of talks to try to find a way out of the political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. In this dialogue, the Chavista side insists on the lifting of sanctions on the regime.

Nicolás Maduro meets with government negotiators heading to Mexico
Nicolás Maduro meets with government negotiators heading to Mexico – ABC

In this sense, Jorge Rodríguez, head of the official group, stressed upon arriving in the Mexican capital, referring to the sanctions, that the delegation had received “the instruction from President Nicolás Maduro” to make “emphasis on returning the economic guarantees that have been granted to it. stolen from all the people of Venezuela. Rodríguez was optimistic optimist and predicted that the negotiation “will bear fruit”, without detailing the products of the harvest.

A “freedom that should never have been taken from him”

The first to announce the release of Gilberto Sojo was the parliamentarian Adriana Pichardo on her Twitter account: «Attention: my brother Dip was released after 6 months of unjust imprisonment. Gilberto Sojo. Welcome to the freedom that should never have been taken from you, “he said.

For its part, the opposition Popular Will party maintained through its official Twitter social network account that “Our brother and deputy of the legitimate National Assembly, Gilberto Sojo, should never have been imprisoned, since he has not committed any crime. Gilberto is a social leader who has dedicated his life to the freedom of this country.

They also demanded the release of all political prisoners of the Maduro regime. «The defense of democracy and freedom is not a reason for imprisonment. All political prisoners deserve to be FREE.

Being alternate deputy of VP for the state AraguaSojo has suffered from various health problems during his detention, including a hypertensive crisis. On February 25, he was arbitrarily detained by the fearsome Special Actions Forces (FAES) of the legitimate National Assembly elected in 2015.

This is your second arrest. The first occurred in November 2014, when Sojo was accused of alleged acts of terrorism related to the cycle of government protests that took place that year in the country known as “La Salida”.

In December 2015 he was elected as a substitute parliamentarian for the state Aragua, and it was a year later when he was released in the middle of a process of negotiations between Nicolás Maduro and the opposition under the mediation of international actors. Since then, he has been active in denouncing the situation of other political prisoners together with Popular Will.

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