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Mafia assault on the deputy director of the Villena prison on the eve of her statement against three officials who mistreated an inmate

In the prison world, such a serious event had not been remembered since the days of ETA’s campaigns against prison officials. The deputy director of security of the Alicante II prison has suffered an attack on Monday at the hands of between five and six hooded men at the door of her home, just the day before she testified in the framework of a delicate internal investigation of Penitentiary Institutions. “Tomorrow, be quiet,” they told her as three of the assailants held her from behind and another struck her twice in the face. The official has not been silent and has declared this Tuesday despite the serious threats.

The woman was guarding the tapes of the video surveillance cameras that captured some events denounced by the group of prison officials ‘Your abandonment can kill me’. On August 16, as denounced by the union in a statement, an inmate with a mental illness allegedly attacked several officials, “whom he beaten, kicked and punched.” The prison officials allegedly attacked ended up in the hospital “with various injuries to the eye, forehead, cheekbones and forearms when trying to protect themselves from the blows.”

Penitentiary Institutions denounced the alleged aggression in the guard court but, when checking the videos of the video surveillance cameras, the account of the events of ‘Your abandonment can kill me’ was revealed completely false. The images show a “brutal beating” of the prisoner by three officials, according to sources in the investigation. Upon verifying the reality of the events, the investigations were reoriented and the attacked prisoner was transferred to another penitentiary in Madrid.

The deputy director of prison security guarded the images, following official protocol. The woman received threatening messages, as reported by the newspaper Lift-EMV, in a group of whatsapp of ‘Your abandonment can kill me’. The woman, on secondment in Alicante after having worked in Galicia, had come into contact with the group at her previous destination. “Marcial told us [el coordinador de la plataforma en Galicia se llama Marcial González] that you don’t pick up the phone. We already see that you have positioned yourself and on which side, so we will not have any concerns with you. We are going to get your director and, if we have to take you ahead, we will. We are going to fuck your life for a bitch “, reads one of the messages, sent on August 24.

The woman received another SMS, on August 26, with the same mafia tone: “I’m warning you from Marcial. Talk to him. Your director is using you, he is dead and you have a long professional career left and we can help you. Do like the rest of the vice principals and just follow instructions. We know that you have images, erase them or pay attention to the consequences. “The message refers to the director of the Villena prison, Feliciano Crego, who is asking for his resignation.

On September 3, the official suffered, in prison, the theft of the mobile phone in which the messages were stored, although she had already given part of its content to her superiors and, in addition, the Civil Guard can recover the content without difficulty, according to the newspaper Lift-EMV.

The group, which defines itself as the “majority association of prison workers”, tends to exaggerate complaints about attacks in prisons by inmates and has found on some televisions an ideal platform to amplify their version of events, according to what they point out. union sources consulted by this newspaper. The statement on the alleged aggression of August 16 marks the Alicante II penitentiary as the “most dangerous prison in Spain.” However, ‘Your abandonment can kill me’ in no case refers to the fact that the Villena prison, like the rest of Valencian centers, lacks psychiatric care worthy of the name, as revealed in a report prepared by the Observatory for Human Rights, Mental Health and Prison reported by this newspaper.

On the eve of her statement in the framework of the internal investigation, in which the alleged aggressors of the prisoner and a head of the service also testify, the deputy director of the prison suffered the brutal attack at her home. The attack has caused consternation in the field of Penitentiary Institutions. Since the days of ETA, such a serious episode has not been remembered. Far from being intimidated, the official has declared in the framework of the internal investigation.

The three officials involved in the alleged attack on the prisoner have been on leave since August 16. As a result of the attack, the deputy director of the Villena prison reported the events to the Civil Guard, which opened an investigation. The investigations, according to sources from the Armed Institute, could join the proceedings opened for the attack inside the jail.

The association ‘Your abandonment can kill me’ has announced in a statement legal actions against the media that have reported on the attack on the official. Without naming her explicitly, the statement condemns “any act or act of violence against officials, inmates and any other person.” The association also reiterates its support for the Villena prison officials “who have seen their honor discredited and who are unjustly singled out for these events.”

ACAIP-UGT calls for the “instigators” of the attack to be prosecuted

The general secretary of Penitentiary Institutions (IIPP) has condemned the “brutal attack” suffered by the deputy director of security of the Alicante II penitentiary. The head of IIPP, Ángel Luis Ortiz, as soon as he learned of the attack, contacted her to inquire about her condition and show her unconditional support and that of the entire prison administration. Ortiz also made available to him all the legal tools necessary to clarify the facts and arrest the aggressors.

The ACAIP-UGT union group has also condemned the attack in a statement. “We trust that what happened will be clarified and forceful action will be taken against these criminals responsible for this action,” he says. ACAIP-UGT, the majority union among prison officials, has offered its services to the attacked woman and has called for “the full weight of justice” to fall against the “instigators of this despicable action.”

The jurist Javier Vilalta, director of the Àmbit association, calls the attack a “despicable act.” “It is the tip of the iceberg of a reality that the administration does not want to see, we live in a democratic state and these situations cannot be allowed,” he told “This case denotes the lack of qualified human resources and the lack of a crisis protocol in an outbreak of a person with mental health problems,” explains Villata, who is part of the Observatory for Human Rights, Mental Health and Prison. “Prisons need more eyes and more observers to avoid these situations that I hope will be isolated,” he adds.

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