Wednesday, February 21

Mahle workers ratify agreement to close factory

  • 90% of the workforce validates in assembly the principle of agreement closed last Saturday and that includes compensation and a reindustrialization commission

the template of Mahle has widely voted in favor of ratifying the preliminary agreement for the employment regulation file (ERE) which will entail the closure of the Vilanova i la Geltrú, as they have made public CCOO y UGT in two communications this Friday. 90% of the 343 workers affected Approval has been given to the pact reached last Saturday morning between the unions and the company’s management, which included a compensation package and a reindustrialization commitment for just under half of the workforce. The firm of German origin and specialized in the manufacture of automotive components will allocate a budget of €37 million for the severance package and will bear the cost of the consulting firm that will coordinate the reindustrialization process of the land it leaves behind.

On Tuesday of this week, the unions exposed to the workforce the details of the closing conditions pre-agreed with the management, after two marathon sessions of meetings and a threat that the talks would blow up. And this Friday the workers’ assembly has met again to vote for or against them: the result has been widely in favor of yes. Once the issue of compensation is closed, the Vilanovina factory will definitively cease production next January 28.

The closure of Mahle thus adds to the long list of factories that during the past year announced their closure. The Catalan industrial sector has had a special role in the statistics of employment regulation files registered by the Department of Labor. 2021 was the worst year in terms of collective dismissals since 2012, with a total of 11,006 dismissed throughout the year. Of which, half belonged to the industrial sector.

Compensation by tranches

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The compensation package is somewhat atypical, since it is based on fixed amounts supplemented by linear ones that substantially increase the total amount of compensation for workers. The workers between 50 and 54 years They will have access to compensation of 23 days per year worked without a monthly limit and with a linear 825 euros per year worked and a minimum amount of 35,000 euros, in addition to unemployment benefits and a subsidy for the special agreement. The section of employees between 55 to 58 years they will have a supplement to the unemployment benefit up to the equivalent of 72% net monthly salary from dismissal until they reach 63 years of age. In the case of workers between 59 and 61 years of age, this 70% supplement, but from dismissal and up to 65 years of age. And for the workforce over 61 years of age, the unemployment supplement will be the equivalent of 82% of the net monthly salary up to 65 years of age and with a minimum of one annuity of the net salary.

The agreement validated this Friday by the workers also contemplates a future option for the employees of under 49 years of age, who represent just under half of the 343 workers affected by the closure. For these, in addition to an indemnity of 33 days’ salary per year worked without a limit, plus a straight line of 1,025 euros per year worked, plus a single payment of 2,000 euros for seniority of more than 20 years and a supplement to unemployment, they are included in the agreed reindustrialization commitments. The Generalitat, the Vilanova City Council, the company and the most representative unions will create a commission to look for a candidate to settle on the current Mahle land and implement a new industrial project there. According to sources familiar with the process, there are already companies interested in the land.