Tuesday, December 7

Major Bitcoin Mining Pools Yet to Include Taproot Transactions

Two of the groupings of miners (pools) that provide greater computing power to the Bitcoin network, seem not to be including transactions with the new taproot format in the mined blocks. This was pointed out by some blockchain analysts on social networks.

According to information from miningpool.observerPools such as F2pool and Antpool have excluded P2TR transactions (taproot format) from their block templates. This could affect the confirmation times of taproot expenses, since these pools group 35.3% of the hash rate de Bitcoin.

According to the analysis of the website, a transaction is considered “missing” or “lost” when, Although it is part of the block template, once it is mined, it is evident that the pool did not include it. The data shows a taproot transaction that was not included in 4 consecutive blocks, mined by F2pool, Antpool and Binance. However, the latter has already added transactions with P2TR format, previously, in at least 6 blocks.

Although several possible reasons are listed why a pool could leak a transaction, the developer of miningpool.observer, who identifies himself as @ 0xB10C on social media, he pointed that the pools they may not have updated their infrastructure to recognize re-formatted transactions.

“When looking at the groups that mined more than 3 blocks since taproot activation or that included a P2TR spend, it is clear that F2Pool and AntPool most likely DO NOT include P2TR spending,” the bitcoin observer tweeted , the night of Sunday, November 14. He also mentioned that F2pool spoke of an early update, however, data from this Tuesday 16, reveal that the pool keep losing these types of transactions.

The information was corroborated by the Muun Wallet team, one of the wallets that confirmed support for taproot transactions. Last night, they posted on their Twitter account that F2Pool and AntPool, not yet update their node software to process transactions of the new taproot format.

Bitcoin blockchain developer and observer @ 0xB10C reported since the night of Sunday the 14th, that F2Pool and Antpool were not recording Taproot transactions. Source: Twitter.

There are still 46% of the nodes without updating

Taproot was activated in Bitcoin last Sunday, November 14, at the height of 709,632, after a long phase of discussions that lasted for almost three years. The update was confirmed in the middle of this year, after a consultation carried out among the miners of the network. At that time, 90% of the hash rate was favorable to the inclusion of taproot and schnorr as improvements for Bitcoin.

According to the website created by the main developer of Bitcoin Core, Luke Dash jr., There are still a significant number of nodes that have not been updated to version 22.0 of the protocol, which supports taproot. On average, 46% older versions of the Bitcoin Core client are still running.


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