Saturday, March 25

Making the chaos

Every time she appears on television – which is every day – Cuca Gamarra states: “Spain is on the verge of chaos”. Talk about what you talk about, he ends with that phrase. She is the spokesperson for the PP and is less effective than some of her predecessors. She shows that seedy side that led her to give away free spa sessions to hundreds of neighbors in her 2019 electoral campaign as head of the list for La Rioja, a fact for which she would be sanctioned. They were different times. Because the world, later, has fallen on us complete with pandemics, catastrophes and wars as you already know. The only thing that has not changed in these two odd years of ordeal is the desire of the very extreme Spanish right to overthrow the legitimate government by any means. And the PP, as a party, is ceasing to be the leading director of that attack.

The perfect storm has been unleashed with Putin’s war and the resulting consequences: own and accentuating unresolved problems. Thanks to the Popular Party, Vox has opened a gap to govern and has launched in a rush from that spearhead of Castilla y León. They walk together, with their media army. It seems that they are returning to their old tactics: Spain has to end up in chaos no matter how hard it resists –which it does not resist- and “we will save it”, paraphrasing one of her predecessors in the task.

The war over Ukraine is an economic war, even more so than usual. The sanctions against Russia have repercussions in a wide expansive wave that naturally reaches Spain. The price of energy rises -already very high due to previous agreements and transfers-, products are scarce, as is logical when arms lift borders. It is a near global tragedy with its epicenter in Ukraine, which is being waged largely between the official or unofficial contenders, the United States.

The Spanish right understands that it is necessary to take advantage of the occasion, the bewilderment, the fear, to deal another blow to see if it can be the definitive one. To the Government, although it also fully reaches society. It already has collaborators who guide the gaze to where it is convenient to look for culprits. Putin is far away, the others are brave people who fight him leaving lives and estates to shreds… The culprit must be the Spanish government, they cannot make it more clear. Even for those who bother to guess what they intend.

The Government and the representative associations of the transport sector have reached an agreement in the early hours of this Friday. We will subsidize with public money a liter of diesel with 0.20 euros until June 30 along with other measures that will add up to more than one billion euros. That’s what they call the “Pope State” for, to tie energy companies short, too, but that is much more difficult for them. Now, neither of the two actions would be carried out by the Spanish right, not even remotely. I remind you that Macron advances that he could nationalize some of these companies. It is a strategic sector, of the State, of the countries and their peoples. The minority association of carriers that launched the stoppages rejects the agreement and continue to strike. The PP and Vox support them. Of course.

The strikes or lockouts of transport and “el Campo” converge. So called in the news and editorials that, without fear of people spinning, show us some of those demonstrators on horseback and wasting airs of Marquesas and Señoritos Iván in the unforgettable memory of Miguel Delibes. It’s not just another strike. There is a lack of riot tanks and criminalization in the gatherings and there are the parties that go against the workers. Those who have gone from calling the Shipyard strikers criminals in Cádiz to now posing in the photos of the protests smelling that there were votes at stake, writes the journalist GerardoTecé at

Stockout! They claim most of the news. After days have passed, it is basically in some of the large supermarket chains, not in the local stores, where you can find the same assortment as always. But of course they hurt the producers, to those of milk and fish to a great extent. It made me want to cry to see them throw away the product. That’s what strikes are for, to pressure. But right now, at this critical moment? These types of actions have a brutal image to accentuate the feeling of chaos. But you have to look deeper.

At this point, anyone who wants to know the erratic way in which the energy market works and the immense consented power of companies can find the right information. But there are many hoaxes among the distracting noise. Four essentials are described in this magnificent article from It is a lie, for example, that for every 100 euros of fuel, 57 “will be taken by Sánchez”. Above Sanchez. To his house, by himself. Well, it is spread without problems by the new president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. In the street is the banner with the Spanish flag umbrella and the hoax that adds calculated machismo with and attack on the Government and launched by the other head of the PP: Ayuso. In this way several ultra flanks are covered at the same time.

Ayuso is the figure that unites Vox and the PP, she has already officially declared it herself: PP and Vox govern in Madrid together. She has gone much further these days. She has practically thrown herself into the coup threat, as if she were the perfect puppet spokesperson for those who pull the strings. “They must decide how they leave power”…

Historically, among the “anomalous exits from the institutions” that Ayuso cites, the classic coup d’état perpetrated by the extreme right in Spain. Against the wild card of “communism”, like an ogre, which they plant as a usual label for the uninformed. Too much coincidence this offensive that coincides with the war in Ukraine, which does raise prices, especially when speculative methods are applied. The shopping basket registers the highest rise in three decades. And what will come: taking an active part in the battle has more and more enthusiastic supporters in the Spanish gathering scene.

The war witnesses a terrifying escalation. While the overpopulated and powerful China or India look at us, two blocs face each other with blind violence. Just over a month ago, the Ukrainians had a life similar to the one we have. Reflect on where we are, who is disrupting our lives for their benefit, and where we are going. There are those who work the general chaos to sow the selective chaos from whose harvest they always ate. So much clumsiness of those who look without seeing and, without hearing either, applaud the shouts does not encourage optimism.