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Malaga already has its Chiquito traffic light: “Quietor, I’m going to give you a fine that not even Perry Manso will take away from you”

At one end of a pedestrian promenade on Tomás Echeverría street, in the Malaga neighborhood of Huelin, there has been a traffic light since Thursday that gives way to the pedestrian shouting “to the attackerrrrl, see you later Lucas”, and orders a stop with a “quietor , I am going to give you a fine that not even Perry Manso is going to take away from you.” You can laugh while you wait, and in the meantime, a red or green doll moves at the particular pace of Chiquito de la Calzada. “You move more than prices”, is heard, among other expressions that could well serve to regulate pedestrian traffic, if that were legally possible.

A traffic light that says “jarl”: Malaga approves a route to honor Chiquito de la Calzada

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The Chiquito traffic light, which is only decorative, was inaugurated this Thursday by the mayor, Francisco de la Torre, those responsible for its execution (the Ave María Vocational Training School) and the Spanish Humor Association. That seemed like the political event of the year, such was the number of media and councilors, from all political groups, who came to take a photo with the particular sign. The act, in full midday sun, had an evidently relaxed tone, which contrasts with the tension that is sometimes perceived in the Plenary Hall.

The mayor has been the first to press the button that gives way to the string of genuine phrases from the humorist from Malaga. The students of the Ave María School have selected them from dozens of videos, and they have had a great time doing it. For the red traffic light, he well serves a “I can’t, I can’t”, but when it is about to open for pedestrians, Chiquito proceeds to rebuke the cars: “You don’t do that, coward! You are a duodenal of a human person.” Now with the road clear for pedestrians, Chiquito encourages them to cross, until the time comes to hurry up: “Norrrr. Just relax. If cars pass at 160 kilometers per hour, do you realize?

One month and a half

“It is a decorative element, but full of admiration”, said the mayor, pleased to inaugurate another milestone in a possible route through the most significant places in the life of the comedian. Tony Antonio, president of the Spanish Humor Association, recalled that he realized the repercussion that Chiquito de la Calzada had reached when the public at the Santiago Bernabéu rebuked the referee in unison: “Fistro! Sinner!”.

“For us it is a pride”, added Paco Pareja, academic director of VT at Ave María Schools, who explained that the students have completed the City Council’s assignment in barely a month and a half. “They were so excited that it was very fast. The students when they pass through here are going to see that there is a job done in the school that is here and the companies can trust in the professional schools to carry out any project”.

One more “neighbor” in the Huelin neighborhood

Gregorio Sánchez, better known as Chiquito de la Calzada, was born in La Trinidad, but spent his last years in Huelin, a beachside neighborhood where he is still remembered. “It’s in the day to day of our speech,” says Antonio Pérez, a resident of the neighborhood, who when he has to repeat his name laughs and blurts out: “My last name is a bit strange, but what are we going to do with it?” As has just been verified, Chiquito left a mark: “He was one more neighbor, an endearing, affectionate and kind person. Everyone greeted him.” He himself had coffee with him on more than one occasion and verified how he came out gracefully even from some inopportune joke. “They appreciated him, and I think they loved him. Because affection is different from appreciation. And that was achieved by his way of being”.

Yolanda González is a fan of Chiquito. He says that he often saw him for a walk, that he was able to take a photo with him in a tribute, that in December he went to the discovery of the sculpture by Ramón Chaparro in the Gregorio Sánchez park and even to the funeral chapel that was installed in the auditorium of the Provincial Council, in November 2017. Before going to the beach, I couldn’t stop going through the new traffic light.

The installation was a unanimous agreement of all the groups that ran into a problem. A joke traffic light is not suitable for regulating traffic, because it would pose a risk to the blind and it is also very expensive. However, an alternative was sought. If it could not be installed to regulate a crossing, it would be done at least for decorative purposes in a place identified with the humorist. Since this Thursday, Huelin has a traffic light with the voice and figure of the most recognized sinner of the prairie.

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