Tuesday, February 20

‘Mamá Coco’, the woman who inspired the Pixar character, dies at 109

María Salud Ramírez, the elderly Mexican woman who inspired the character of ‘Mamá Coco’ in the Disney Pixar film ‘Coco’, has died this Sunday at the age of 109 in Santa Fe de la Laguna, in the state of Michoacán. This has been confirmed by the Secretary of Tourism of Michoacán, Roberto Monroy, on his social networks.

“I deeply regret the death of Soña María Salud Ramírez Caballero, “Mamá Coco”, a tireless woman and example of life, who was the inspiration for this beloved character who went around the world. My prayers for her rest and for her family to find resignation ”, Monroy has written on her Twitter and Facebook account.

The film ‘Coco’ is about the life of a twelve-year-old boy, Miguel, who dreams of being a musician despite his family’s opposition because his great-great-grandfather abandoned them for music. Miguel is accidentally transported to the world of the dead where he discovers the true story of his musician relative, Hector. ‘Mamá Coco’ is Miguel’s great-grandmother who, due to her advanced age, runs the risk of forgetting her father, Héctor, and erasing him from the family offering.

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