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Man has been living in a cave for 20 years, but was vaccinated | Digital Trends Spanish

Being a hermit or an ascetic and believing in science is not something that is at odds, or at least not for the Serbian Panta Petrovic, who despite having been away from society for 20 years, has decided to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to a France 24 report, Petrovic has lived an unusual life for the past 20 years in a cave in the Stara Planina mountain in southern Serbia. After donating all his money to the local community to finance the construction of three bridges in his town, Pirot, the man retired to the Serbian mountains where he sleeps on a hay bed, uses an old bathtub as a toilet and lives with his pets. (several goats and chickens, about thirty cats and dogs, and a 300-kilo javelin named Mara).

Petrovic used to eat mushrooms and fish that he caught in a local stream, but because a wolf attacked some of his animals, he was forced to move away to areas closer to the city to keep them safe and also to search for food scraps. in the containers. On one such trip, the man learned of the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but did so long after it had started.

The 70-year-old man says he does not understand the scandal that anti-vaccines and people who doubt science have made. Without thinking twice, he requested to be vaccinated and urges all citizens to do so. “I want to receive all three doses, including the extra. I urge all citizens to get vaccinated, each and every one of them, “he tells the source.

Since he has been vaccinated, Petrovic lives closer to the city and feeds himself and his pets through food donations and social assistance.

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