Saturday, September 30

Man kidnaps ex-boss to steal bitcoin from his Binance account | Bitcoin Portal

Italian businessman Principe Nerini and his wife Camilla Guadagnuolo had their home invaded by four criminals who threatened them with death until they provided the password to an account at Binance brokerage that contained bitcoin, according to a publication by CNN Indonesia of Tuesday (28).

In the action, the robbers, among them a former employee of Nerini, extracted around US$ 400 thousand (Rp 5.8 billion, Indonesian rupees) in BTC. The crime took place on the 11th at the Seminyak resort, located in the far south of the province of Bali, Indonesia.

The case was registered by police in the capital Denpasar, who managed to arrest two of the four assailants after the couple’s testimony. Both recognized the voices of Nicola and Gregory, who were detained in the cities of Badung and Kuta, respectively, after investigations.

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At around 3 am, the report says, Guadagnuolo woke up with a noise and then saw Nerini in another room amidst the four armed assailants dressed in black and in their balaclava faces. Under heavy pressure, and the confinement of his mouth covered with duct tape, feet and arms tied, and suffering aggression, Nerini gave access to one of the cell phones found by the criminals that contained the bitcoin account.

Police then discovered that the transfers had been sent to an online wallet on the Exodus platform in Nicola’s name. According to the report, they then made three transfers, totaling 5.8 billion rupees, and met elsewhere later to share the stolen cryptocurrencies.

“If they didn’t provide the passwords, the thieves said they would kill the wife by sticking a knife in her neck. So the victim gave in,” said Jansen Avitus Panjaitan, head of the Denpasar Police, who, according to CNN, added: “For non-cash losses, there is bitcoin. Therefore, the damage was Rp 5.8 billion”.

The other two assailants were included in the wanted list by the Bali police for their involvement in the robbery. So far they have been identified as being a Polish one and a Russian.