Sunday, December 10

Man Who Attached 160 CPUs to His Body Arrested at Chinese Border | Digital Trends Spanish

A striking case of smuggling of electronic supplies was discovered by the Chinese customs authorities. A man tried to enter the country with 160 CPUs attached to his body, for which he was detained at a border crossing.

Coming from neighboring Macao, the individual had eleventh and twelfth generation Intel processors, as can be seen in a video posted on the social network. Weibo. He also carried 16 mobile phones, whose specifications were not provided by officials.

The “strange posture and way of walking” of the subject, identified only as “Zeng”, caught the attention of the employees, reported hypertextual. The arrest was certified at the land port of entry in Gongbei (Zhuhai), which does not require immigration procedures.

At the time of the investigations, the CPUs were attached with adhesive tape to the calves, waist and abdomen of the subject. For the same reason, the authorities baptized the man as the “walking CPU.”

The media recalled other situations that were just as or more eccentric at Chinese border crossings, such as when in 2021 a couple of individuals wanted to go from Hong Kong to Macao with more than 300 processors. In 2015, another person sought to enter 146 units of the iPhone distributed between legs and waist without luck.

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