Saturday, December 4

Man who claims to be creator of Bitcoin is about to be unmasked

A lawsuit involving the citation of 374 billion reais in bitcoin could unmask Craig Steven Wright (CSW), the self-styled Bitcoin creator. Today CSW is being sued by David Kleiman’s family, alleging that he helped CSW create Bitcoin and mine an amount of 1.1 million bitcoins.

This isn’t the first time CSW has been able to present evidence that it’s Satoshi, and even proving it doesn’t mean it will have to give something to Kleiman’s family. Despite this, it’s not the first time Wright has failed to stick with the conversation and not present evidence.

With that, not only do we see a family trying to grab billions of reais in BTC from a person who doesn’t have that amount, but we also see Wright fail again in trying to convince the world that he is Satoshi.

Everyone is Satoshi except Craig Wright

For reasons of ego, or simply to get attention, some people have already claimed that they were Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, although none of them proved to be. One of them is Craig Wright, who for some years has been trying to influence the community after calling himself the creator of Bitcoin.

As Satoshi Nakamoto is an anonymous figure, in whom no one knows if he is a person or a group, his name has become synonymous with decentralization. As Satoshi is nobody, many say that we are all Satoshi, with the exception of Wright, CSW is definitely not Satoshi.

The process, which is taking place in Florida, is another opportunity for Craig Wright to prove himself to be Satoshi. For that, he just needs to sign a transaction with an old BTC address, like the one that mined the first 50 BTC in history, he doesn’t even need to move his fortune.

Despite this, CSW will not do this because he never had access to these addresses, after all he is not Satoshi. Continuing to be a laughing stock, being called Faketoshi (fake Satoshi) for trying to be someone he’s not.

Mining Partnership Emails

Kleiman’s family claims that David and Craig exchanged several emails about BTC mining, although CSW claims it was mining on the Bitcoin testnet, where coins have no value, as the name suggests is a network just for testing.

The process involves the amount of 374 billion reais in bitcoin, an amount owned by the real Satoshi Nakamoto. On the one hand we have a family trying to become billionaire by doing nothing, on the other we have an identity spoofer who can’t even fool himself.

Ultimately, this is yet another chance for CSW to prove himself Satoshi, which he won’t. Wright does not have the private keys that give access to Satoshi’s BTCs, that is, we are all Satoshi, except CSW.

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