Wednesday, August 10

Manchester City, from the NFT to be the first in football to reach the metaverse

The English football club, Manchester City, has been one of the teams that has advanced the most to cover spaces in new technologies. They have launched from non-fungible tokens (NFT), to fan tokens on the Ethereum network.

Now, City’s next step is to delve into the metaverses and for this it partnered with the entertainment giant Sony. The objective is combine company technologies and club content to develop new digital experiences for fans, they indicated in a release.

To achieve the presence of the English team in the metaverse, Sony will carry out a PoC (proof of concept), a process that allows to evaluate the ideas before they are available to the rest of the consumers.

The intention is to develop digital services that integrate the physical and virtual worlds to “excite and engage both the current and the next generation of sports fans around the world,” they explained.

Among the elements that Manchester City wants to bring to the metaverse, is a virtual recreation of the Etihad Stadium, club stadium in UK. They ensure that this would be the starting point so that fans can also create their custom avatars and they will participate in interactive loyalty programs.

Toshimoto Mitomo, Director of the Intellectual Property and Business Incubation Platform at Sony Group Corporation, sees this as an opportunity for the club increase the value of its content and commitment to his fans.

Manchester City has the ambition to bring its stadium to the virtual world with Sony. Source: Sony /

“Sony aims to create an online fan engagement platform that brings the Club and its global fans closer together, demonstrating our commitment to the sports entertainment business and supporting our partners in their pursuit of new opportunities,” he added Mitomo.

Manchester City immerses itself in new technologies

As stated at the start, the English club has been dedicated to continually adopting the latest technologies to enhance its connection with fans around the world.

Last May, City announced a collection of NFT to celebrate the championship achieved last season. To do this, the team partnered with the Ethereum blockchain-based platform, MakersPlace, a fact reported by CriptoNoticias.

They also partnered with to launch a fan token that would give the club’s fans, rewards for owning the tokens, as well as team promotions. In the same way, they could participate in games and polls that will allow them to have a voice and vote in some decisions of the club.