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Manel Monteagudo acknowledges that he was not 35 years in a coma: “I should have cut it before, it got out of hand”

“I was not in a coma at any time. At no time was I in a coma.” This is how bluntly Manel Monteagudo has confessed to the press that this was not really what happened, as he had said in various interviews in recent days. The poet has stressed, however, that “it is true” that he fell from a height of 20 feet in 1979 and was hospitalized in Iraq.

Although he was not in a coma for 35 years, he has insisted that at that time he had “from 14 to 16” faints every day: “I wish I was in a coma and did not give him that job that I gave my wife,” he said.

The story of Manel Monteagudo –José Manuel Blanco Castro in reality– has occupied the trends and memes of social networks and has been disseminated in national, local and regional agencies and media in recent days. The Galician poet has acknowledged that the situation “got out of hand”: “At no time was my claim such a thing.” In addition, he has assumed “all the guilt”: “I accept everything you tell me,” he said, while insisting that “he was the one who said it wrong”.

In 2019, ‘La Voz de Galicia’ echoed this news and he was one of the first media to do so, although five years after Monteagudo woke up from a supposed 35-year-old coma. In the information it is said that he was in a coma for 64 days, but it is titled stating that it was 35 years “in a vegetative state” and in the text it speaks of “an amnesia”.

In the last hours, after having echoed and released the story without stopping to contrast it or review the data that do not add up to it – such as his paternity or the fact that he has not undergone any type of rehabilitation or treatment – the The media have published corrections, unpublished the news, edited paragraphs or deleted signatures or tweets.

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