Saturday, June 10

Mango will open a store on Fifth Avenue in New York

The fashion brand Mango will open a 2,100-square-meter store on Fifth Avenue in New York, one of the most exclusive shopping areas in the city. The new flagship store will be located in Plaza District, in the Grande Dame building, at number 711 of the mythical New York avenue. It is a historic building from the late 1920s that has been home to major companies such as NBC, Columbia Pictures and Coca-Cola. The Fifth Avenue store will incorporate one of Mango’s latest technological innovations: Store Analytics. Its implementation will allow knowing the behavior of the client inside the store to be able to carry out actions on the space and the product.

Mango expects to be able to inaugurate the establishment, which will have women’s, men’s and children’s clothing lines, during the first half of 2022. For a Catalan multinational to have a point of sale of these characteristics in one of the most prestigious locations on the continent, it should increase brand awareness in the US and benefit from omnichannel expansion (online sales).

This new opening is part of the expansion plan that the company is carrying out in the United States, where it has been present since 2006. In 2021, Mango opened four stores in the country, specifically in the Menlo Park and American Dream, both in New Jersey, Roosevelt Field in New York and Dadeland in Miami, Florida.

The company reinforced its commitment to the US market at the end of 2017 with the renovation of the Soho store and with the agreement with Macy’s in 2019 to accelerate online growth. With this new opening, the firm chaired by Isak Andic will add a total of nine points of sale in the country.

The store will occupy nearly 2,100 square meters of sales area distributed over three floors, the first two reserved for Mango Woman and the third for Mango Kids and Mango Man, incorporating services such as tailoring (adaptation of garments) and click and collect (collection of products purchased online).

The three floors are connected by the same nucleus of stairs and elevators located in the central part. Access to the premises is from Fifth Avenue, through a lobby that reaches three heights. Four large windows open onto the avenue and offer the exterior a view of the double space that connects the hall and the terraces of the second floor with the third.

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In the renovation project, the Mango architecture team has respected the existing general structure in the space and the configuration of the services, carrying out actions only in key points of the premises to gain natural light on the upper floors and better visibility of the space that favors the customer journey. In addition to recovering elements such as the wooden floor, the ceilings or the core of the stairs, the fa├žade of the building will be respected, but work has been done to achieve better visibility from the interior to the exterior and vice versa. Likewise, the design of the shop windows will allow the interior to be seen from the outside.

The Mango’s Fifth Avenue store it will incorporate the New Med concept, introduced in 2021, which seeks to configure the space as if it were a Mediterranean home. The architecture project emphasizes a key element in the definition of traditional Mediterranean architecture: the wall. With its various volumes, its solids and its voids, the wall defines and separates different rooms, generating spaces interpreted for different actions and separated from each other by means of arches.