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Manhart Vogue RV 650: extreme luxury or excess on wheels? | Digital Trends Spanish

Since its release last October, the fifth generation of the iconic Range Rover has not given much to talk about, despite being one of the most anticipated vehicles of the moment and the hottest in its segment. Its manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, like many others, has been affected by a shortage of semiconductors, an essential part in a vehicle as technologically complex as the new Range Rover, which has negatively affected its production. This, however, has not been an obstacle for the German modifier Manhart to get their hands on the huge and luxurious truck.

The use of a Range Rover to create a Manhart vehicle itself is unusual. Usually, this works with cars of German brands. However, the vehicle that will bear the name of Manhart Vogue RV 650 will be an exclusive product for the Middle East and one of the stars of the opening of the first dealership of the modifying firm in the city of Dubai on March 31.

The Vogue RV 650 has all the attributes you would expect from a Manhart mod. The most obvious change is the new exterior color scheme of Manhart’s signature black background with a profusion of gold decals over the new Ranger Rover’s accents. The new multi-spoke forged alloy wheels are also finished in the same gold tone that is replicated on the grille, front lower air scoop, hood lines, tailgate lower lip and bumper. The Range Rover decals on the hood and tailgate were replaced with Manhart decals.

The result is extravagant, very showy and ultimately incompatible with any notion of discretion, which is likely to make it popular in its target market. The Vogue RV 650 is an SUV made to be seen, which Manhart says is “a pure statement of what we’re capable of.” The extravagance permeates the interior of the vehicle without any shame. The black and gold cabin, where virtually every contact surface has been wrapped in leather and Alcantara, replicates the overall exterior theme with a profusion of Manhart badging and badging to avoid any confusion.

Manhart wouldn’t say which engine is under the hood of the Vogue RV 650, but he does say the truck has 650 horsepower, which likely means it’s equipped with a modified version of the Range’s 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8. Rover SV, which Land Rover buys from BMW and normally offers 523 horsepower. Manhart also provides suspension and exhaust system modifications, but doesn’t provide details on what they consist of.

The German modder didn’t say anything about the amounts for the Vogue RV 650, but when you consider the Range Rover SV’s starting price of $211,200, it sure is a high number.

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