Tuesday, March 28

Mañueco assures that there will be no electoral repetition and that he will be at the head of a government “that is not xenophobic, racist or sexist”

The acting president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has assured that there will be no electoral repetition and that the government program agreed upon “will not be xenophobic, racist or sexist”. Mañueco made these statements after finishing his meeting with the Union of the Leonese People (UPL), with whom he considers that there are “possibilities for dialogue”, although he aspires to a “government alone, stable and strong”. The results of the 13F do not support the claims of Mañueco, who with 31 seats would need the favorable votes of Vox, with 13, who has warned that he will not give away his votes “for nothing” and that his intention is “to enter the government” . Without the abstention of Vox from the PSOE, it will be impossible for him to be invested by a simple majority.

Mañueco has indeed referred to something untouchable that UPL asks of him, which is the “configuration of the regional map”, or what is the same, addressing the independence of León alone or together with Salamanca and Zamora. “The map has been like this for decades and there are no options to chop up Castilla y León or touch territorial integrity, which we see as essential in the PP,” he stressed. The president has also recognized coincidences with UPL such as depopulation, industrialization, reinforcement of public services and also the reinforcement of the northwest Atlantic corridor.

He has also criticized that the PSOE “has closed itself off to any type of dialogue” ignoring that it was the PP who left the dialogue table when the socialists pronounced the word corruption”. The round of contacts with the political parties will end this Tuesday, after the planned meetings with Ciudadanos and Vox, with one seat each, and the sit-in of Por Ávila. From that moment on, the PP will analyze options and study new meetings. Mañueco is not given the numbers to govern alone but he assures that there will be no electoral repetition, something for which he will put “all the meat on the grill.”