Thursday, July 7

Mañueco yields to Vox to guarantee the investiture: he will accelerate the laws of domestic violence and “concord”

Mañueco has given in to Vox and in order to be inaugurated president of Castilla y León next week, he has promised to process the Domestic Violence Law and the Concord Law before July 31 and June 30, respectively. In the joint statement of PP and Vox explaining the consensus they have reached this Tuesday, it is not specified whether, as the far-right party demanded, the Autonomous Law on Gender Violence will be abolished or both will “coexist”, as Mañueco came to commit. . Although it does not mention what will happen to the Historical Memory Decree, the annulment of which Vox also demanded, the statement specifies that before June 30 “the processing of regulations on harmony” will begin, so the decree, which is inferior to a law, will pass to a better life.

Vox has opted for a political victory, prioritizing its ideological norms with the processing of both laws, and has renounced its demand that Juan García-Gallardo, future vice president without a council, chair the commission of general secretaries, the highest body of assistance to the Junta de Castilla y León, which is responsible, among other matters, for the interdepartmental coordination of the different ministries, as well as carrying out the preparatory tasks for the meetings of the Junta de Castilla y León, both in the Governing Council, which decides the order of the day, as in Delegated Commissions. The most that has scratched the PP is the “participation of the vice presidency, as well as the participation of the governing body dependent on the vice president in the Commission of General Secretaries.” This arrangement simply gives it a presence in the commission, in which Vox will have the three secretaries of its three ministries compared to the 7 of the PP. But also present in this commission are the communication director (PP), the president’s chief of staff (PP), the advisor to the Presidency (PP) and the head of Legal Services (PP), so García Gallardo will have knowledge of issues that go to the Governing Council, which gives it power to paralyze them in pursuit of the pact, and other files such as the binding guidelines for the media plan, that is, institutional advertising and promotions, which pass by the commission of secretaries but they do not go to the Governing Council.

García-Gallardo, who did not want to be the spokesperson for the Board or be in charge of a ministry, has demanded to have powers, among others, to take over the Directorate of Communication, something that he has not finally achieved. With no more work experience than that acquired in his father’s law firm, founded by his grandfather, “in addition to being the institutional representative replacing the president”, he will assume the presidency of the Government Delegate Commission and the Administrative Simplification Commission , including environmental procedures; alternate representation on the Committee of the Regions; the Commissioner for Victims of Terrorism (who until now was the advisor to the Presidency); the institutional representation of the relations of the administration bodies of the community with the Consultative Council of Castilla y León and the Common Prosecutor (institutions of the Parliament of Castilla y León with which Vox intended to end), as well as with the foundations , professional associations and colleges. In this way, lacking a council and a spokesperson, García Gallardo and the three Vox councilors have not achieved “the same or more than Ciudadanos”, which is what they asked for.

stress days

The consensus has come after several days of tension. Last Thursday, Vox presented its offer at a meeting that Mañueco left upset before it was over. On Saturday, while he was at the Extraordinary Congress of the Popular Party, in Seville, those of Abascal called him to return and sign the agreement, which was not agreed to and on Monday, when he returned, Mañueco continued to refuse to sign. 24 hours later, the acting president gave in.

The former vice president of the Board, Francisco Igea, has already spoken about the agreement and has ironized about the attributions achieved by García-Gallardo, whom he describes as “plenipotentiary ambassador” who “charges” the Law on Gender Violence and the Decree of Historical Memory with one of Concordia “written by those who confess themselves admirers of El Pardo and call the coup of 36 a national uprising”, and criticizes that it has an “occasional ticket to embarrass us in Brussels where it will sit with Orban and Le Pen”. Igea sums up García-Gallardo’s success in “Pomp and Circumstance”, since “he will not have any executive responsibility, he will be snooping around and without the possibility of effective control and they will let him go to the bullfights and to the inaugurations that the president does not want to go to. All for Spain”:

The legislature agreement that had been signed on March 10, establishes 11 axes and 32 government actions. Specifically, PP and Vox agreed, as the axes of their future government, to “monitor and defend social, labor, equality of opportunities between women and men; promote solidarity among all autonomous communities and cities, while strengthening the role of provinces and municipalities; vindicate common history, understood as an integrating element for reconciliation, combating any attempt to use it to divide the Spanish; and defend the interests of the community within the framework of the European Union”.

Likewise, they are committed to promoting all the productive capacities and resources available in Castilla y León for economic growth and job creation; strengthen the commitment to the rural world and its development opportunities; guarantee quality public services, compatible with a reduction in regional taxes; develop better communication and transport infrastructures for the connectivity of the territory; ensure the cohesion, balance and territorial integrity of Castilla y León; support families, the birth rate and the fight against depopulation, as the center of public policies; and reduce unnecessary institutional spending.

After the talks to form “a stable, solid and strong regional government with the interests of the people of Castilla y León and Spain in mind, both parties have structured the coordination instruments of the regional government, which are the creation of monitoring commissions of the government program and for the preparation and for the authorization, follow-up and evaluation of the planning of the institutional advertising campaigns, with the participation of the vice-presidency, as well as the participation of the governing body dependent on the vice-president in the Commission of General Secretaries.

The agreement also determined that Vox will have three ministries, specifically, Agriculture, which will be directed by the former manager of Asaja Castilla y León, Gerardo Dueñas, Employment and Industry, in charge of Mariano Veganzones, and Culture, which will be in the hands of the former director of the Foundation Institute of Language, Gonzalo Santonja, who, as revealed by, was a supporter of Herri Batasuna.

The investiture debate will be held next Monday once Easter is over, the councilors will be appointed.