Sunday, January 16

Mañueco’s call to Igea: “Hello, Paco, that you know that you and all the Citizens councilors are dismissed”

A cold call was enough to dynamite the Government of Castilla y León. Until that moment, the vice president of the Board, Francisco Igea, had just intervened in a radio program, assuring that there would be no electoral advancement and as he hung up the phone a call came in from the president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. “Hello Paco, that you know that you and all the councilors of Citizens are dismissed and that I am going to call elections because it is the best,” he said. The answer was terse: “Well, thank you very much, Alfonso.”

And thus ended the “marriage of convenience but without sex” that was the coalition, according to the definition of the protagonists themselves. Igea, who has assured that he will not go “to the mud” of the disqualifications, has explained how he learned that he was no longer vice president and recalled that in the Governing Council last Thursday, the president again assured that he would not advance elections.

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