Friday, June 9

Maragall raises his tone against Trias: “He wants to recover the Convergence of 3%”

The ERC candidate, Ernest Maragall, has charged against one of his rivals, Xavier Trias, as a result of some of his statements in “Don’t we want tourism? Well, to go hungry ”, warned the mayor of Junts. Maragall answered him during a rally this Sunday: “But how dare he make these horrible statements?” “Doesn’t Barcelona have other options for building the economy by ourselves?” he exclaimed.

Ernest Maragall: “It is impossible to form a left-wing government in Barcelona with the current PSC”


The ERC mayor has defended that the Catalan capital has alternatives, such as the “knowledge economy” or “housing construction as an economic engine”, and has dismissed Trias’ words as a “horrible dichotomy”. But he has not stopped there, and has finished off: “Let me say it clearly. Trias wants to recover the 3% Convergence”. During the act, Maragall also reiterated that Trias seeks to access the governability of the city with a pact with the PSC.

In the interview with, Trias has warned against the speeches that advocate a decrease in tourism in the city, since the sector accounts for 14% of GDP, but has also defended that his candidacy does not believe that Barcelona can increase more if possible the number of visitors. The key, he has argued, is the leadership that the City Council must exercise so that tourism is “bearable” and does not “negatively affect” the residents.

Anecdotally, the former mayor and former president Pasqual Maragall, brother of the ERC candidate, has already attacked Convergència for 3%. It was on February 24, 2005, 18 years ago, when the then president of the Generalitat replied to the leader of Convergència and CiU, Artur Mas: “You have a problem, which is called 3%.” Today it was his brother Ernest has recovered the links of the 3% with Convergència, raising the tone against Trias.

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