Tuesday, January 18

Marcos Galperín joined the board of Satellogic, one of the most promising Argentine startups

The role of the Argentine businessman will be to accompany Satellogic on its way to becoming a publicly traded company. Your participation in the board of directors of a company outside Mercado Libre is not something new for Galperin, since he is also a member of the board of Globant and integrates the directory of Televisa, Onappsis Y Endeavor.

Kargieman, founder of the company, will continue in the position of Executive Director. As reported, the changes will be implemented from the next public listing of the company.

“The people who will join our board have impressive backgrounds spanning astronautics, engineering, industrial production, auditing and public listing. They will help propel the company on its mission to democratize access to geospatial data. We are grateful for your commitment to the company as we continue to build our satellite constellation, “said Kargieman.

In 2021, Satellogic signed an agreement with SpaceX, the signature of Elon Musk, for the launching and putting into orbit of his satellites. At that time, Kargieman explained to CNN that the company’s goal “is to build satellites for Earth observation. Our satellites carry cameras that allow us to see what is happening on the planet in very high resolution to monitor the development of infrastructure or forestry agriculture ”.

Later, in June of this year, the company announced its merger with CF Acquisition Corp. V with the aim of listing on the New York Stock Exchange. At the time, its current valuation was estimated to be $ 850 million.

In recent years, the company launched several nanosatellites with iconic names, such as Capitán Beto (for the musician Luis Alberto Spinetta), Manolito (for the character of Mafalda), Tita (for the actress and tango singer Tita Merello) or Milanesat. .

The capacity of each of the nanosatellites allows to collect about 300,000 square kilometers of data per day, surpassing the capabilities of its competitors, while also producing full motion video of up to two minutes in length.

The potential of commercial applications of Earth observation allow to value a market of more than US $ 140,000 million. Its use is widely varied, to the point that it can be used to analyze trade-offs between food, energy and water supplies, monitoring the impacts of natural disasters, global health, and humanitarian crises in the midst of an impending climate emergency.


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