Thursday, September 21

María del Monte, preacher of LGTBI+ Seville Pride: “I am one more person of all of us who are here”

Mounted in a striking car, María del Monte arrived at the proclamation with a “folkloric” pride flag, a rainbow shawl, which she did not hesitate to wave as soon as she got out of the car. He began his speech with dances, laughter and with a reminder of the death of Judy Garland, “a gay icon par excellence” and that after her death “they decided to rebel (the people of the LGTBI + collective) and defend their rights so as not to return to be treated like criminals.

The LGTBI collective in Seville takes to the streets to stop hate with “love, freedom and justice”

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The pride flag, the singer has claimed, “comes from Judy’s funeral” for the song “Over The Rainbow” and “it is an emblem of all the people who only and exclusively want to be equal, nothing more and nothing less”. His discourse has continued with love; a plea full of folklore and applause towards the authentic ‘Queen of Sevillanas’.

Seville, “city of the kiss”

He has referred to love as “the only thing that makes us better; it is the only thing that should move the world” and “it is the most wonderful thing we have”. The artist has proposed that Seville be the “city of the kiss”. She has wanted to remember that on this “so important” day, “I don’t know that she is asking for anything from the other world, she is simply asking for equality”. “Equality so that they let us love, so that they let us be free; what any human being has, nothing more and nothing less”, added Del Monte.

The Sevillian artist has always protected her personal life from the media spotlight, but during the proclamation she recalled a Sevillian titled “My love has no name” to state that “I have formed my family” and that “I have been lucky” to find the love of my life”. She has explained that, for 23 years, she has had a partner and that she was present at the proclamation; “If he wants to go up, let him go up” added Del Monte and with an expectant audience in case that proposal became a reality.

“I’m not going to hide”

Her partner did not go up, but who did was the mayor, Antonio Muñoz, who was the person in charge of presenting the artist and who took the opportunity to thank María Del Monte that when she proposed to be herald “I do not hesitate for a minute”. In addition, he took the opportunity, moments before the singer’s proclamation, to confirm that he felt “tremendously proud of Seville” because “pride is an important and fundamental date on Seville’s agenda.”

understand the joy

María del Monte has referred to the city of Seville on numerous occasions. She has wanted to state that the city must “build bridges” and not “raise walls” and that “all doors must be open”. She feels “proud of my land”. “Seville makes me a better person every day” and the only ones who have no place “in this city” are those who “hate, despise, humiliate and persecute”. “To hate you have to put chains and shackles on it.”

He has assured that Seville is a city “that has all the colors” because “it is a city of freedom”. And he has demanded that the city of Seville be a “generous, open and respectful city” and, furthermore, that it “understands joy”. And he has quoted Mario Benedetti and his poem “defending joy like a trench”. More love in his proclamation: the phrase of San Juan de la Cruz “the soul that walks in love, neither tires nor gets tired”. She has finished her speech remembering the figure of Gracia Montes, who passed away at the beginning of June 2022, and has finished her intervention as she began it, dancing the mythical Gloria Gaynor anthem “I will survive”. .. for sevillanas.