Saturday, August 13

María Guardiola is elected new president of the Extremaduran PP with 97.7% of the votes

María Guardiola from Cáceres was proclaimed this Saturday as the new president of the Extremaduran PP, replacing José Antonio Monago, with the support of 97.7 percent of the votes cast.

Guardiola was the only candidacy that has been presented to the 13th Autonomous Congress of the PP, to succeed Monago, who has been at the head of the PP for the last 14 years.

During his speech at the 13th Autonomous Congress of the PP, he offered leadership “without fanfare or excuses”, with a candidacy “at the level of all Extremadurans, simple and honest”.

He has assured that he wants to promote a “serene change”, which allows overcoming all the difficulties that the region has and recovering presence in the territory, for which he creates the figure in his team of the territorial coordinator and attention to the municipalities, in response to the request for more closeness and attention to the mayors and spokespersons.

He has insisted that his PP wants to resemble “the real, hard-working and honest Extremadura, which knows how to put up with it, but is fed up” that the answer to its problems is combined “in the future”.

María Guardiola, who has described herself as “a lover of Extremadura”, has described this day as the starting point “on an “exciting path” that will lead the PP to the government of Extremadura.

He added that he aspires to win the elections to launch a “moderate and focused” government in Extremadura that tells the truth to the citizens, and that does not promise them what it cannot fulfill, because the PP “is more about compromising than to promise”.

Yes, he has offered the support of the PP and “the sincere hand” to implement measures to prevent depopulation, lower taxes on Extremadurans and reduce bureaucracy.

He has stressed that “when crises worsen, there are plenty of excuses” and has advanced that he will promote a dialogue based on “not failing to keep the word given” and on transparency, so that no one can feel cheated in the objectives and the means to carry them out.

Guardiola has acknowledged that in the days before the Congress, when he was touring Extremadura, he had felt the support of members and colleagues, who had conveyed to him the need to promote the party and reactivate it to make it bigger.

“We need to reoccupy the space in the streets of our municipalities, rebuild bridges, restore affections, be and stay”, he remarked.

María Guardiola has assured that she is “prepared to win”, and has insisted that she deeply believes in the possibilities of a calm change, but that it allows us to overcome the difficulties we have and that the current Government is incapable of resolving.

Guardiola has stated that he wants Extremadura to face the future in freedom and with confidence, because our land “in freedom” has many possibilities to be an ideal region to live, work and invest.

Finally, the new president of the PP of Extremadura has asked the colleagues gathered at this 13th Regional Congress, to support this regional project today and to “do it yours too”, always wearing the style and pride of being from the PP, but above all, with the flag of Extremadura ahead.

The congress, to which regional presidents such as the Andalusian Juanma Moreno and Alfonso Fernández Mañueco have attended, it has been closed by the national president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijoo.

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