Sunday, October 1

María Salmerón receives the third degree, which will allow her to get out of jail to work and on weekends

María Salmerón, the woman sentenced to nine months in prison for disobedience by failing to comply with her daughter’s visitation regime with her father, sentenced in turn to prison for mistreatment, will be able to go out to work and on weekends after This Thursday he has been granted the third prison degree. Sources from Salmerón’s legal representation have confirmed this point to Europa Press, which will mean that, within three weeks, she “will be free with telematic means of control.”

The “rage” of María Salmerón’s daughter after entering prison, “that place that her abuser, despite being convicted, never set foot on”

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María Salmerón entered prison on June 9. In an order dated January 28, 2021, the court reported that, at the request of Salmerón’s representation to suspend the execution of his sentence of nine months in prison imposed in June 2019 by this judicial instance, both the The Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution opposed this measure.

In this regard, the court reasoned that although María Salmerón “has been sentenced on several occasions”, the truth is that “she has never entered prison”, either for the granting of pardons or for the prescription of the sanctioned acts, with which that this sentence from Criminal Court number 6 to nine months in prison for disobedience and another one from Criminal Court number 1 would be “the only ones” that weigh heavily on Salmerón for all purposes.

A pardon that did not come

Finally, the Criminal Court number 6 considered in this order of January 2021 that “the granting of other pardons” to Salmerón, although the last one was declared null by the Supreme Court, led to a decision that “the most prudent” was then suspend the effectiveness of the aforementioned nine-month prison sentence until Salmerón’s request for a new pardon was resolved, with his acceptance or “denial.”

But in a subsequent ruling dated March 29 of this year collected by Europa Press, the Criminal Court number 6 indicated that that request for pardon was formalized on February 9, 2021, since “the last documentation” requested with relation to the matter dates back to March 26 of that year and the regulation stipulates that “after a period of one year has elapsed, the request for pardon must be understood to have been rejected.”

That is why the court already required María Salmerón to “entrance into prison in order to serve the sentence” imposed, with a period of 15 days to do so from the notification of said decision, subsequently weighing the decision of the central government to deny already expressly requesting a new pardon.