Monday, August 8

María Salmerón will serve her sentence in freedom with a telematic device

Sevillian María Salmerón, sentenced to nine months in prison since June 9 for not allowing her husband -convicted of sexist violence- to visit her daughter, will serve the rest of her sentence in freedom, with a telematic device that will control her movements.

The viacrucis of María Salmerón: about to enter the prison from which the man who mistreated her was spared

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The device was placed at the end of last week, although for her it is somewhat unnecessary, since “I have no intention of moving from Seville, because I am even working and this summer I will not have vacations.”

In prison since June 9

On June 30, María Salmerón left for the first time the insertion center where she has been interned since June 9, to work, in compliance with the third degree that was granted to her on June 16.

Salmerón was sentenced to nine months in prison and the payment of 3,000 euros in civil liability, which she paid 24 hours before knowing the judge’s decision to enter prison.

Finally, Salmerón, who had unsuccessfully asked the central government for his pardon, voluntarily entered the Social Integration Center (CIS) in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville) on June 9.

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