Monday, December 4

María Sánchez and Pablo Fernández charge against the “hoaxes” of the Junta de Castilla y León in the act with Iglesias

The candidates one and two of United We Can in Valladolid, Pablo Fernández and María Sanchez, have participated this Saturday in an act with the former Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, in the Millennium Dome of Valladolid on hoaxes and disinformation. The three have highlighted that the electoral pre-campaign began with the manipulation by the political and media right of a few words by the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, on account of the quality of the meat from the macro-farms. According to María Sánchez, the elections are between “bulocracy or democracy.”

For María Sánchez, Councilor for the Environment of the Valladolid City Council, this reflects what is happening in our days: “a way of doing politics based on lies and hatred towards the opponent”. The mayor of Valladolid considers that it is not so much a question of discrediting Garzón’s words but of “someone in a private way so that the message he wants to give is not heard.”

The also number two of the United We Can list to the elections of Castilla y León for Valladolid has pointed out the growing tendency for “denier hoaxes” to appear, those who say that the pandemic, the virus, gender violence or the climate change. Some messages that, as he has defended, “are penetrating and end up crystallizing”. Behind this process, sponsored by the most privileged elites, there is the intention that there be no social advances that put their privileges at risk.

“It’s a dirty game. They play with people’s fear, that older people, these changing times. They say that feminism or environmentalism are minor issues of the left, unimportant. They say ‘they are already with their pijadas'”, has asserted. For the UP candidate, this presents a problem not only for the left or for Podemos, but for all of society, because “interested lies are being legitimized as respectable opinions.”

“You talk about gender violence and they come out with false complaints. We talk about evictions and they take squats out of you. And no matter how much they repeat it, it cannot be accepted that they say that those who arrive by boat are given a hotel room , a salary, a mobile”, he defended. All of them are constructed lies, inventions “to defend privileges such as machismo, racism and social inequalities.”

María Sánchez has given as an example the “misrepresentation” suffered by the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, who has been called to testify as being investigated for having granted public money to supposedly related entities. The complaint has been filed by the Association for Transparency and Democratic Quality, which, according to Sánchez, is only known for denouncing the Barcelona City Council for its citizen consultation platform and for having denounced the Valladolid City Council for remunicipalizing the water cycle in the city. “Coincidences exist in life”, Sánchez defended, who recalled that a few days ago a computer revealed the IP of the association is the same as that of the Agbar foundation, the company that is managing Aguas de Barcelona and that had Aguas de Valladolid as one of its subsidiaries.

Pablo Fernández reviews the latest “hoaxes” of the Board

The number one of the UP candidacy, Pablo Fernández, has been the third to intervene in the conference on hoaxes and disinformation, and has focused his turn on reviewing the latest “hoaxes” of the Junta de Castilla y León. “Hoaxes” such as that of the nursing homes, when the Government of PP and Citizens gave the order not to transfer the elderly from the residences to hospitals, as revealed by, and later assured that it was the responsibility of the Government and Vice President Iglesias. Fernández has announced that the first thing they will do in the Cortes will be to request an investigation commission “so that PP and Cs pay for what they did with that order.”

The attorney for Podemos in the regional parliament has also denounced that the president of the Board ensured that there are no macro-farms or that these intensive farms do not pollute. “The macrogranajas exist and pollute and the Junta de Castilla y León itself says so, which has imposed 55 files for fines to macrogranajas for waste”, he pointed out. He has also described as a “hoax” when the PP said that it was making itself available to the Justice before the plot of illegal financing of the PP in Salamanca before the party’s primaries that allowed the current president of the Board to be elected as a candidate.