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Mario Kart Live is updated with multiplayer in split screen | Digital Trends Spanish

The augmented reality game of Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, received an interesting update that now allows you to compete with other vehicles in split screen mode.

These changes will be appreciated by those who have the augmented reality game, since until now the multiplayer had certain limitations; To begin with, it took two different consoles and required each player to watch the action on their own screen. But that will no longer be necessary: ​​with version 2.0, it will only be enough to connect a Nintendo Switch to the television and see everything that happens on a single screen.

Not only this game mode will be the great addition to Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. There is also a new tournament called Luigi Cup with three totally new tracks. Likewise, the Relay Race mode is added, with which up to four players can share a single vehicle: each one must select their character and take turns using the control after each lap; at the end of these the driver of the go kart.

Mario Kart Live is an interesting approach to augmented reality on a traditional console. The purchase of the game includes a small vehicle with a camera that transmits the “environment” to the console and on which the important virtual images of the races appear. Mario Kart, such as the limits of the tracks, the rest of the competitors, the objects, explosions and everything that happens in the races of this game.

To take advantage of the holiday season, Nintendo lowered the price of Mario Kart Live, that now no longer costs $ 100 dollars, but the traditional $ 60.

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