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Mario Party Superstars analysis: an easy and entertaining game | Digital Trends Spanish

Mario Party Superstars analysis: the series’ greatest hits

PVS $ 59.99

“Mario and his friends have the grace to look good in 1080p in the era of 4K and 120 frames per second”


  • he is good looking

  • Easy to understand

  • Lots of minigames


  • Few boards

  • Few characters

Yes Mario Party Superstars it was a musical album, it would be something like a compilation of the greatest hits of the series. But since I’ve never been a devotee, my litmus test was playing it with my wife, who turned out to have never played a game. Mario Party. What’s to be done? He asked after choosing Yoshi. I replied that it was like a board game, like The goose game, and that you had to collect stars and coins. Everything is with minigames, I stressed.

If it is also your first Mario Party, understand it as a board game for four players. You start by rolling a die that will determine how many squares you advance. You can fall into some where you will receive a reward or others where you will end up with a punishment; there’s also power ups like a magic dice with which you choose how many squares you want to advance. When all the participants rolled their dice, they play a minigame; Whoever wins, receives coins that are used to buy a star that appears at some point on the map. Whoever finishes with the most stars wins.

So, after “replicating The Game of the Goose a bit” on a board that was Princess Peach’s birthday cake and playing a minigame with my wife in which we alternately made cakes together by pressing a button, I asked her Yes Mario Party Superstars he liked it and why. He did not hesitate and said that because it was simple and beautiful. No need to argue: most minigames boil down to pressing a button, moving the lever, and executing a simple action. The same is clear to me that among the initiates Mario Party the level of competition can get quite high.

The Mario Party Superstars cake minigame
Don’t go to couples therapy, better bake cakes at Mario Party.

About the “beautiful” he was referring to the visual. Mario and his friends have the grace to look good in 1080p in the 4K era and 120 frames per second. Pastel or monochrome maps like Space Land are adorable and it’s hard not to have any reaction to character situations (Bowser steals from you, for example). Then, in a detail with no major intention than to cheer one up, there is an option to show some stickers with messages on the screen. There is even a Mario who says: “Queeeeeeeeé ?!”.

Stickers have only one function: to be beautiful.

While we were playing it was all laughter and fun until I stole the star that he had won. Got mad. I started to be less of a jerk and let her play. In the end I had the lead, but at the end of the game Toad gives stars to the effort and who knows what more nonsense. She won and slept satisfied with her star to the effort.

The next day, before going to sleep, he asked me if I wanted to play again.

Many songs from few albums

To continue with the analogy of Mario Party Superstars As a greatest hits album, the first thing that stands out is that the selection of minigames – which would be the songs – is quite wide. There are 100, they are very varied and comprise some of the titles of Mario Party that came out on the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube. As I am a competitive beast, my favorites are Hot Rod Derby, Ice Skating, and I get rid of the book (geez, I still think that the Spanish translation and adaptation of Nintendo games is fantastic), but when I play with my wife the ones that The most enjoyable were those played in teams of two, such as Cake Factory and Pizza Eater.

Likewise, the fact that there are a lot of minigames makes the contrast in the number of available boards noticeable, which is just five. Yes Mario Party it was a band, how outrageous, all their albums would be doubles. Nor is it that there are many characters to choose from (there are 10) and there are some unjustifiable absences, such as Bowser, while other inclusions do not quite convince me, such as Birdo (Birdo yes, but Bowser no).

A map of Mario Party Superstars
Mario Party maps are like the board of a board game.

Despite my criticisms, it seems to me that the collection of 100 minigames guarantees that every time you play, you will feel that the games are different. After playing a couple of sessions with my wife I found that we have barely tried 57 minigames, so certainly, Mario Party Superstars it has a lot of content, although it is not entirely homogeneous.

The best family option

An image from the video game Mario Party Superstars

That Mario Party Superstars my wife liked it talks a lot about what to expect from the game. I have never gone out of my way for the series and I am more than Smash or Mario Kartbut I think it’s great that I can play it with my wife and that my three-year-old daughter tries it. Looking back, playing before bed made us see how that familiar scene that Nintendo marketing loves so much. So if you have a Switch and family, friends or roomies with whom to play, Mario Party Superstars it should be in your collection.

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