Monday, March 4

Marion Maréchal Le Pen betrays her aunt Marine and asks for the vote for Zemmour

Correspondent in Paris



Clashes and verbal knife fights in the Le Pen family. Marine Le Pen, the candidate of the National Group (AN, extreme right) for the presidency of the Republic, considers “brutal and violent” that her niece Marion Maréchal decides to leave the family party to support Eric Zemmour, the extreme right-wing candidate, his aunt’s great rival.

Relations between Marion and Marine Le Pen were always difficult: counting on the support of the patriarch, Jean-Marie, who considered her his favorite, Marion tried to unseat her aunt, at the head of the family party. A woman very seasoned in family and political fights (mother of five children from two failed marriages), Marine Le Pen managed to remove your niece from the party organization chart, relegating his own father to a symbolic vase position.

Faced with this failure, Marion decided to withdraw from political life, creating a business school that has not been successful: their titles have no official validity, and several professors have been involved in sexist violence scandals.

The irruption of Éric Zemmour in the landscape of the ultra and extreme right, last autumn, soon became in a threat to Marine Le Pen and the party founded by his father. Jean-Marie Le Pen decided to take sides by criticizing the “newcomer”, considering him to be to the right of the traditional extreme right.

fratricidal divisions

Seventy days before the first round of the presidential election, on April 10, Marine Le Pen has between 15 and 17 percent of voting intentions, while Zemmour fluctuates between 8 and 9 percent. When the polls say that Emmanuel Macron He only has two serious rivals, Marine Le Pen and Valerie Pécresse, candidate of the traditional right, Marion Maréchal Le Pen decides to betray her own aunt, to defend Zemmour, of which he says he admires his “coherence, vision and strategy”. Marine has reacted to the stabbing in the back of her own niece, denouncing “brutal and violent” behavior.

Can it change anything that Marion Maréchal betrays Marine Le Pen to support Zemmour? At first, they are obvious some fratricidal divisions on the extreme right, undermining the credibility of all the characters involved in that comedy of political entanglements and Navajos at first verbal blood.

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