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Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune declines due to Facebook | Digital Trends Spanish

The last few weeks have not been good for Mark Zuckerberg, at least not when it comes to his companies and personal wealth. According Business Insider, the Facebook creator’s fortune has lost $ 19 billion since mid-September.

This number was thickened by Facebook’s October 4 crash, which dropped the company’s stock price by 5 percent and translated into a $ 7 billion reduction for Zuckerberg himself.

The above does not mean that the founder of Facebook has problems or anything like that, since his fortune is estimated at $ 120,000 million dollars and he is the fifth richest person in the world.

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But beyond money, Facebook is in trouble and not only technical -which also involve Instagram and WhatsApp- but also because of the statements of a former official named Frances Haugen, who released a series of documents that question the company operations from an ethical point of view.

According to Haugen, on Facebook they are fully aware of what generates the most interactions between their users, regardless of whether that is a good practice or not. Therefore, the Facebook algorithm, implemented in 2018, privileged to show the most reactionary content or that provoked hatred and fear among users.

These disclosures have the potential to become a future headache for the company, especially if government organizations decide to investigate further or introduce stricter regulations on social media in general.

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