Saturday, September 25

Marlaska appoints Malaga provincial commissioner to the former Chief of Police Information with Fernández Díaz

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has appointed Enrique Barón Castaño, the former head of the General Information Commission with the PP, as the new provincial commissioner of Malaga. Head of the anti-terrorist structure of the Police during the Government of Mariano Rajoy, several units depended on him, including the Central Operational Support Unit (UCAO), used to monitor Rosalía Iglesias, Luis Bárcenas’ wife, in the summer and In the fall of 2013, sources of the case reported to in 2019. As General Commissioner of Information, Enrique Barón was the direct boss of the also Commissioner Enrique García Castaño, one of the main investigated in the Villarejo case.

According to the list of appointments published this Monday by the General Order of the Police, consulted by Europa Press, Enrique Barón will once again occupy a relevant position as head of the Provincial Police Station of Malaga after being dismissed as the head of the fight against terrorism in December of 2017, being Minister of the Interior Juan Ignacio Zoido (PP). A Law graduate, Barón took over as General Commissioner of Information in January 2012, shortly after the first elections won by the Mariano Rajoy government.

With extensive experience in the fight against terrorism, he was the superior chief of the Madrid Police between September 2005 and June 2008, the year in which he took the reins of the General Directorate of Security and Interior of the Community of Madrid, governed at that time by Esperanza Aguirre. In February 2019, he was summoned as a witness by Judge García Castellón. Last May he was one of the police commanders summoned in the ‘Kitchen commission’ of the Congress of Deputies.

It has also chosen Francisco López Gordo as head of the Police Intervention Units (UIP) and has formalized the appointment of Javier Galván as head of the Internal Affairs Unit.

Riot police and gender violence

Among the new commissioners elected by the ministerial department headed by Fernando Grande-Marlaska is Francisco López Gordo. Graduated in Criminology, he will be the new head of the IPU ‘riot control’. He has held positions in Citizen Security and also in the La Línea de la Concepción and Algeciras police stations in Cádiz, according to police sources. He was promoted to curator in 2017.

María Cristina Marí García, graduated in Law, will be the new head of the Central Unit of UFAM (Unit for the Protection of the Family and Women), so she will be in charge of coordinating actions aimed at the prevention and investigation of infractions criminal law on gender, domestic and sexual violence. She was promoted to curator in 2016.

Another of the appointments is that of Santos Bernal Uceda as Regional Head of Operations in Western Andalusia. This police command graduated in Criminology – promoted to commissioner in 2006 – was head of the Central Unit of External Information of the Information Police Station and counselor in Caracas, before moving to his current position as head of the Brigade of Drugs and Organized crime.

Internal affairs

In the General Order of the institution directed by Francisco Pardo, Javier Galván also appears as the new chief commissioner of the Internal Affairs Unit, the person in charge of the ‘Villarejo case’ which is directed by the National Court and other investigations of special sensitivity within the institution for affecting police officers.

Galván was even chief commissioner of the Central Inspection and Investigation Brigade of the Private Security Unit of the Police, assuming among his functions that of health police interlocutor. He replaces in Internal Affairs Francisco Javier Migueláñez, who left the post due to his retirement.

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