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Married avoids correcting the revisionism on Franco and ditch: “No one should unstitch the pardon sealed by our grandparents”

The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, on Wednesday avoided contradicting or correcting the historical revisionism on the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship to which his political formation has been added in recent days. Nor has he shown his rejection of the controversial words of the former minister of the UCD Ignacio Camuñas who, on Monday, at a round table organized by the PP and which was chaired by Casado himself, assured that the uprising of Franco’s military lis against the democracy of the Second Republic “was not a coup” and that the Civil War was the responsibility of the Republican Government.

Vox’s yoke marks Casado’s agenda

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During his speech before the National Board of the PP – the highest body between congresses -, which took place at the Parador de Gredos (Ávila) coinciding with the third anniversary of his triumph in the primaries, Casado has limited himself to criticizing once plus the Historical Memory laws –the last one, approved yesterday by the Government–, ensuring that “no one should dig up old wounds.” “Neither unstitch the pardon that our parents and grandparents sealed, and even less for an irresponsible interest in dividing society to polarize electorally,” he has settled.

In his drift towards that historical revisionism typical of the extreme right, Casado already publicly equates Francoism with the democracy of the Second Republic, thus avoiding questioning those who deny that in 1936 the rebel military carried out a coup d’état and has promised that, If he ever reaches Moncloa, he will repeal all the Memory laws, a decision that his own party did not even consider in the recent past, when Mariano Rajoy ruled the country with an absolute majority.

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