Tuesday, September 28

Married censors the “triumphalism” of the Government while many Spaniards “continue to have a hard time”

The president of the PP has criticized the president of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, for his “triumphalist” messages while many Spaniards “despite very triumphant things that they hear from the government in the media, continue to have a bad time.”

According to Pablo Casado, “there are millions of Spaniards who do not make ends meet, millions of young people who do not have a job, pensioners who fear they may not have a guaranteed pension in the future and the self-employed and merchants who cannot pay the electricity bill. or families who do not understand why the figures of this pandemic are seen as triumphant, which unfortunately continue to throw us 150 deaths every day this week, “he lamented.

Faced with this, he has encouraged to “look to the future with hope” and has ensured that the objective of the PP is to accompany citizens and offer solutions and alternatives to their problems and concerns.

In this sense, it has vindicated the Plaza de Toros de Valencia, where the PP plans to close its National Convention next October, as a “very special” enclave in which “the great electoral victories” of the Popular Party have been anticipated. and in which “he has reconnected with the street, with citizens.”

“It is no coincidence” that this space has been chosen to close the conclave, “he said during his visit to the Falla Exposition in Valencia, in which he was accompanied by the president of the PPCV, Carlos Mazón, the general secretary of the PPCV and spokesperson in the City Council, María José Catalá, whom he has referred to as “the future president of the Generalitat and the future mayor of Valencia” and has been “convinced” that they will be “in a very short time.”

Casado wanted to look to the future with “hope” and pointed out that the Popular Party wants to “accompany” the Valencians to “get ahead”, offering “solutions” to overcome difficulties, while praising the “entrepreneurial” character of the Valencian people: “you have always looked beyond, you have thrown back the difficulties to continue walking forward,” he said.

According to the leader of the PP, the Valencian Community “has everything to lead the most successful figures not only at the national level, but also at the European and world level”, since “there are few regions in Europe with more resources, with more enterprising people, with more industry, more freelancers, more traditions, more parties, more tourism and, ultimately, with a better showcase so that progress can be made. ”

In his opinion, what “lacks” in the Valencian Community are “good administrations that manage well, in a close way with the people” and that “do not have problems internally as we are seeing in these government coalitions, in these radical tripartites “, he said in reference to the Botanic Government that PSPV, Compromís and Unides Podem maintain.

Finally, he has expressed his “support for this land” and “for its demands” such as “fair regional financing so that public services can be provided at the level of needs, support for education in freedom, for the infrastructures that there are still to come, to the industrial sector that is having a very bad time with the rise in electricity and support for the countryside, so that we can have water in these difficult moments that lie ahead “, he specified.

In fact, the president of the PPCV, Carlos Mazón, has predicted that Casado “will come many times” to the Valencian Community in a short space of time, “including the Valencia Bullring where you will fight on the way to Moncloa”. “That is what is going to happen and that is what we are fighting for, regardless of whether it influences, may our Community have strength in the whole of Spain,” he declared.


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