Friday, February 3

Married, in a town in León: “Many times there was no water and you had to drink wine”

The president of the PP has returned to ‘boast’ of rural origins. This time he has taken advantage of the pre-campaign for the elections in Castilla y León. In Matadeón de los Oteros, in León, the town of his father, Pablo Casado has commented that he had had a wine at 11:30 in the morning and that there were those who “missed each other”. With this example, he has argued the “shortcomings” of certain places in Spain in the past: “Many times there was no water and you had to drink wine – it is true that with fewer degrees – and you had garlic soup for breakfast,” he said.

He returned to those words this afternoon, when he insisted that the inhabitants of the villages “not so long ago” drank wine “because there was no drinking water” and ate garlic soup for breakfast, “because it was not recommended to drink uncooked water”: “Many of my colleagues who comb gray hair continue to do so,” he added.

Casado has immediately criticized “those who are in Madrid” and go to visit rural Spain “without stepping too much on the manure”: “They ridicule him. They have no idea what the countryside is and where Spain comes from. what has been achieved, from what so many humble families, like my father’s, who had a farmyard at home and could drink milk, when they could”.

The leader of the PP, who has defined himself as someone from a “humble family” who “never had enough” and who “studied on a scholarship”, has emphasized that, despite the poverty that existed in the rural world, the inhabitants of these areas were “proud of their land” and pointed out the importance of “feeling proud” of the origins in “this time fortunately of more abundance and more progress”.

Thus, Casado addressed the inhabitants of this Leonese town: “I am proud to come from Matadeón de los Oteros and to be able to defend those of you who are still here, because those of us who left or left, like my father, are still very proud of their origins”, he said.

But Pablo Casado has not focused only on the “shortcomings” of rural Spain. The president of the PP has criticized that the so-called “Austrian backpack” has not been launched at the moment, something that he assures, supports the Bank of Spain and Calviño defended two years ago. Thus, he has argued that “now we have European funds and that other countries are starting it up”. “What I said to Sánchez is ‘hey, we’re going to take advantage of it. We fixed a problem for almost, almost, almost decades in Spain, that we always have more unemployment, we do this, that your minister agrees, that the governor of the The Bank of Spain agrees and that in Europe they are doing it, Europe pays us and we are out of trouble.”

Casado has reproached that, instead of putting this measure into operation, money is allocated “to the Civil War” or “to tourism of other races”: “It would be better to use 10,000 million euros so that in 20 years time many people, especially young people and women, to be giving a million euros for the Civil War or I don’t know what files they want to digitize, another million euros for tourism of other races and another million euros for union headquarters”.

This Thursday has not been the first act in which Casado has decided to surround himself with animals. Two weeks ago he appeared in an extensive farm in Las Navas del Marqués (Ávila). He did so to criticize the words of the Minister of Consumption about intensive farming in an interview in The Guardian, although he did not choose the right environment, since Garzón positioned himself in favor of this model of exploitation. The leader of the PP, however, defended that there is an “attack” from the Government to the primary sector.

Also in November of last year, Casado visited another agricultural and livestock farm in Alcarrás (Lleida) and defended that the European Popular Group would commit to the European recovery funds including items for the Spanish countryside.