Monday, September 27

Married in the Eighth Circle

Abandon all hope, who enter here

Dante Alighieri

Seven hundred years later, Pablo Casado quotes Dante, perhaps without knowing it. It is what it takes to be wise of almost nothing and daring of almost everything. When with all cynicism, hypocrisy and daring he recites to Sánchez the inscription engraved on the door of hell, it seems to remind us that he and his party, his advisers, have clear reasons to know him and that the Eighth Circle, which seems designed for them by the Florentine as a custom parcel.

Osa Casado to summon the divine to praise his task of lying and pretending that kidnapping the institutions is a favor he does to democracy. He is there, with the soul pointing to the core of the system, so that we can see that what the ballot box does not allow him, his arrogance and bullying will allow him. Hands up, elected governors, either you go through my hoop or I take charge of the institutions and the pillars of the system! Because if; Because as in the past, half the country is not legitimate and what comes out of their votes must be prevented, because only some are called, although others are elected.

Tomorrow the King will attend the Supreme Court without any legal obligation to consecrate this outrage with his presence. Tomorrow you will hear how a guy like Lesmes plays the right man by placing on the same plane those who in good faith have twice tried to complete the constitutionally set renewal and those who have blown it up twice and decided as a strategy of rupture. challenging the system with the growing certainty that doing so from the right has no cost.

Married, the one who recites the legend of the gate of hell, lies. With the impudence of the ignorant, with the audacity of those who cannot understand that no one with two fingers of knowledge can believe them.

” Give up all hope. We are not going to contribute to this politicization of the General Council of the Judiciary. And to renew it they will have to accept that the judges elect the judges, as required by the Constitution and the Council of Europe. ”

Married lies.

The Constitution does not require judges to elect judges. Have you ever read it? The Constitution says that of the 20 members of the CGPJ, 12 will be judges who will be chosen as determined by law. Laws, those things that Parliament approves, Casado. The current way of choosing the vocals, with tweaks, comes from 1985.

The Council of Europe does not ask for such a thing either. The report of one of its working groups affirms that: “the appointments of the judges of the ordinary (non-constitutional) courts are not a matter that should be submitted to the vote of the Parliament.” The General Council of the Judiciary is not an ordinary court, nor are its members judges. What do they do by taking such an appointment? The political power does not appoint the judges of any court in Spain. If there is a politicization of the activity of the members elected to the government of the judges, this is the result of the corrupt attitudes of those people, not of the system. Let’s target the sellers and see why they sell. The problem is not that the members are voted in Parliament but that they accept to be the henchmen of the parties and their interests. The problem is not so much the system but the misery and ambition of many of those elected through it. To remedy this, they intend to systemically perpetuate this corruption by making patronage not with elected politicians but with their peers. There is no worse thing. I almost prefer that those who all accept as corrupt, since it is taken for granted that they will do what they are ordered, to pay vassal to the representatives of the people than to their union peers.

Finally, Casado lies when he says that he demands that what the judges ask for be done. The judges don’t ask for that. Progressive judges don’t ask for it. Many unassociated judges don’t know what they think. Only from conservative judicial associations do we know. It’s a power game and they want it. I cannot think of a greater democratic horror than that compromise in which those chosen by the judges choose the judges who will later control the whole world: legislative and executive, appointments and government decisions until their function is empty.

Married lies without restraint because the only thing he wants is to keep the institutions and the courts hostage – which he is sure to control – until he is the one who can appoint them. Casado wants that the Constitutional Court cannot be renewed next year (which they will tell me they have to do with neither Greco nor the judges nor anyone’s independence!). Casado is a puppet whose advisers, who have already experienced the same actions of the PP, whisper that no evil will electorally destroy the system because his voters have already shown that they do not want to know anything and do not care about anything. They have even planned how to get around the recent legal reform that prevents them from continuing to appoint under these conditions and they intend to fill the Supreme Court with judges “in commission” who will appoint their squatters.

Married lies and snorts.

The content of your words doesn’t even matter. Mix the jurisdictional with the governmental. It claims that the virtue that each individual judge must cultivate, their independence, and that the CGPJ is called upon to protect, is transformed into an Ikea “independence”. The Judicial Power, which it intends not to equate with the others but to transform into an all-encompassing power, is no longer a separate power but independent from the others and an absolute controller without any control or counterweight towards it.

Nobody cares about such a falsehood. Everything is noise and helplessness. It is true that Casado’s ignorance and arrogance have no counterbalance, but the King does understand all this and knows exactly what happens. Why will tomorrow preside over the embodiment of this shame? Not being a taxed or legally contemplated act, just a custom that has become protocol, why does the Government allow it to do so?

We are facing a very serious institutional and democratic crisis. It is so serious that why not make this institutional crisis visible at the highest level all at once? Casado puts a smoking gun to the government’s temple and tells him, also lying, that if he doesn’t do what he orders, the beach bar will be loaded. Believe me, not even with the kneeling knee of the executive is going to change an imposture that can only be translated by a calculated delegitimization of the right of the right of the left to govern. Goodbye, democracy.

What bad luck we have had! The only legacy of those days in the squares has been a generation of politicians whose only added merit was having a few years … and little knowledge, little skill, little respect for coexistence, little of everything.

Here, the least important thing is that Sanchez do what neither Aznar nor Rajoy did with their absolute majorities and what Casado would not do if he came to govern. Here, the most important thing is that bullying of the Popular Party, that of the trips to Dante’s Eighth Circle: the circle of those who used malice in a fraudulent way, that of flatterers, that of embezzlers and that of those who profited from it. public offices. The Eighth Circle in which the hypocrites, the fraudulent advisers and the sowers of discord suffer.

No wonder Casado quotes Dante, no wonder.

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